White Balance – Using a Fun Lens Cap to Get Better Photos?

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White Balance – Using a Fun Lens Cap to Get Better Photos?



This is the baLens, a fun new product I just tried out, from the PhotoJoJo Store.  It looks like a combination between a lens cap, UFO, and just strange piece of plastic.  But after seeing these results, I think I may need to order one for each of my lenses (or at least one in each size…)  And because I think that, I emailed them and asked if they could do a discount for my blog readers (and me – LOL).  I got a reply that said, “So glad you liked the WB Lens Cap!  Here is a discount you can share with your readers to let them get 10% off their order of anything from our shop through February 28th.  Hope that helps!”  YAY!!! So in case you “need” these as I do, the code is mcp4255 (enter on shopping cart page)

So now let me show you this white balance lens cap.  You attach it to your lens, instead of using your regular lens cap.  That way, wherever you go, you have a way to white balance in seconds.  The two shots above are some of the shots I took with the cap on and were used to do custom white balances as I played.
Here is the actual cap:


But more importantly, you want to see what it could do, right.  I just went to my kids’ bookshelf and took the same basic shot in the same lighting.  First I did a custom white balance using this new tool.  The color looks great to me.


Then I took a shot on Auto White Balance.  My 5D MKII has decent AWB but still not as good as the CWB shot in my opinion.  This is subjective. To me, this AWB shot looks slightly cool but not too bad…


Then for fun, I decided to try all the other settings.  This will help you understand what each does as you see how it makes this shot warmer or cooler.  I hope this helps you understand White Balance a bit more.  Please add your comment on which white balance version looks the best to you.  I love to see how others see the world of color.  And it will be fun to see the variety of responses on what people see as the “best.”







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White Balance – Using a Fun Lens Cap to Get Better Photos?