A Slimming Posing Technique: Chins Down and Shoot From Above

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A Slimming Posing Technique: Chins Down and Shoot From Above

When photographing women of almost any age, we want them to look their best and feel better about themselves when they leave the shoot than before they came.

There are a number of lighting tricks and posing styles we can use to help make our subjects feel and look their best.

For today’s post I will be discussing chins.  Nobody wants a double chin, at least nobody I know of.  And if they have one, they likely do not want it obvious in photos.  If posed incorrectly of from an unflattering position, a photographer can actually give the appearance of a double chin on someone who does not have one.

To minimize excess chins or to make sure we do not stick one on someone there are 2 helpful tips.

  1. Chin Down – when shooting, constantly tell your subject to tilt their chin down a bit. They will not know why you are saying this, nor do you need to tell them. Just say it as naturally as you would asking them to look or tilt to the right or left.  An inch makes a HUGE difference.
  2. Get above your subject and shoot slightly down on them.  This helps give an overall slimming effect too.  So if you are blessed with height, this may happen naturally for you.  I am 5’2” so for me to get height, you will see me on step stools, steps, or even climbing up on chairs.  Anything to get about a foot higher than the subject.  This is not always possible though.  And in those cases I rely on #1.

In the 1st photo, I was lower than her and chin not down.  In the second photo you can see she was tilting her head back (artsy but not so flattering).  And then the 3rd photo – perfect facial shape and defined chin.  As you can see my model was not heavy at all, but she did have a round shaped face.  Trust me, she will want number 3 for her friends to see on Facebook, not 1 or 2.

chin up

There are times were you can break both these rules.  If for example your subject is super slim, you may do the reverse.  Also when trying to get an artistic style – you may actually shoot from way low instead. You can get away with this more on wide angle shots.  You can see in the second shot I am way lower than her yet it works! So rules can be broken…

blue dress

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A Slimming Posing Technique: Chins Down and Shoot From Above