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New concept of lens holder for Nikon, designed by a young Boston entrepreneur

New concept of lens holder for Nikon, designed by a young Boston entrepreneur

Remember those annoying moments when you couldn’t switch the lenses fast enough to capture that perfect moment? Get the lens out of the bag, get the other lens off of your camera, uncap lens one and recap lens two… Should I go on? Here is the new concept of lens holder for Nikon cameras, which is available for pre-order through Kickstarter.

Young Boston entrepreneur and photographer Preston Turk designed a special lens holster that enables the user to switch between lenses without taking the extra steps of uncapping and capping them.

The lenses are attached to the holster via a mount identical to your camera’s model. The holster can be strapped around the waist or on the shoulder. Since it delivers two different spaces to attach the lenses to, a photographer can carry up to three lenses: two on the holster and one on the camera.

Preston recommends the usage of two such holsters when carrying more than 2 lenses, as having one space free will make the switch even faster. The Lens Holster is designed (at least for the moment) only for Nikon lenses.

The holster offers space to attach two lenses.

From the technical point of view, the lens holster uses a metallic F-mount, identical to Nikon’s. It features a release button and white dot, arranged in the same place as on a normal DSLR.

In theory, this is a really good idea. There is no need to keep your lenses around and waste time getting them out of their bags. You have them around when you need them and, because you change them quickly, there is little risk of dusting getting into them.

As stated above, the main advantage of this holster is the accessibility it provides. It can be used by travel photographers as well as studio ones, although its usefulness can expand even further.

Just remember, if you do get one of these and you wear them on the street, make sure you pay a lot of attention to your surroundings in order to protect your expensive gear against theft or other damage.

The holster is shaped in a “V”, thus it fits snugly on the waist. Preston Turk states that this way, the lenses are always there when a photographer needs them. Unfortunately, the holster is still in its project stage and it needs funding on Kickstarter.com. Preston’s goal is to raise $50.000 by February 21, 2013 in order to start production.

For anyone who is interested to pledge for the new product, visit the Lens Holder for Nikon page at the Kickstarter crowd-funding website.

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New concept of lens holder for Nikon, designed by a young Boston entrepreneur