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Metz unveils new Mecabounce diffuser attachments

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Metz unveils new Mecabounce diffuser attachments

Four new Mecabounce diffusers have been announced earlier today by German-based company called Metz, a camera accessories maker which still manufactures its products in Germany.

Diffusers are mostly used by professional portrait photographers, who are looking to soften the light in their photos. The new Mecabounce diffusers are designed for Metz and Canon flash units, and they are already available in stores across Europe and in the USA at select retailers.

Four them of have been announced and they are aimed at professional photographers who cannot perform their duties without using a flash gun. In the quest for perfection, premium users will have to give a closet look to Mecabounce’s new accessories, as they promise to give light a more natural feeling.

New Metz Mecabounce diffuser officially announced
New Metz Mecabounce diffuser improves portrait photography by making light appear more natural and softer

Softening light with the help of the new Mecabounce diffusers

A flash diffuser will spread the light of a camera’s flash, meaning that the light will not “fall” on a subject like it is coming from a single concentrated light source, but rather unfold, in order to make colors appear more natural. Metz’ new diffuser attachments will make the light bounce from walls or surrounding objects, in order to get rig of all the harsh light.

The Mecabounce diffusers also remove hard shadows as the light becomes softer, making the colors in the final images appear softer as well. Even though it is mostly used for portrait shots, a diffuser is also useful in close-up wildlife photography.

The new Mecabounce attachments are available for their corresponding flash units from Metz and Canon. According to the manufacturer, the diffusers are very easy to attach to the reflector head, while two of them can even extend this “functionality” as they can be “pushed backwards” to produce better illumination when using 16mm focal length.

New Mecabounce diffuser attachments for Metz Mecablitz and Canon flash units

The Mecabounce diffuser MBM-01 can be used for Metz-manufactured flash units, including 48 AF-1, 50 AF-1 58 AF-1, and 58 AF-2. The MBM-02 version can be used for Metz’ flashes, including 44 AF-1 and 52 AF-1.

As for the Canon flash units 580 EX and 580 EX II, photographers can attach the MBC-10 unit. Last but not least comes the MBC-11 diffuser which can be attached to Canon’s 430 EX and 430 EX II flash guns.

As stated above, the new Mecabounce diffuser attachments are already available to purchase at select retailers.

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Metz unveils new Mecabounce diffuser attachments