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Lens pepper mill grinder brings good taste to your meals, not your photos

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Lens pepper mill grinder brings good taste to your meals, not your photos

Nuop Inc. presents camera lens pepper mill grinder, that will make seasoning more fun, if not artistic.

When being passionate about something, one likes to show it in as many ways as possible. This is also the case with photography freaks who, like any other enthusiasts out there, would be more than happy to display their passion for this visual art.

The way they do it is pretty much irrelevant: it can be by spending a lot of time taking photographs, by collecting beautiful pieces of art created by their favorite artists, or by gathering basically any object that is photography related, like this fun to use pepper grinder.

It has been designed and created by Nuop Inc. and it is getting its looks from a lens. Well, this is a lens that can hold pepper, which will come in handy at seasoning your food. In the past we have seen lenses that serve as coffee mugs, so a pepper grinder is a nice change in scenery.

Lens pepper mill grinder
The lens shaped mill grinder will make you say “pepper” rather than “cheese!”

Lenses should stay in the kitchen!

Well, not really, but these lenses definitely must stay in the kitchen, because… well, that’s where they belong. The lens pepper mill grinder designed by Nuop Inc. is a fun to have kitchen object that stays loyal to reality. On the exterior, at least, because on the inside, the only thing that it will be shooting is freshly powdered pepper, ready to season that artsy dish of yours.

With all its cuts and demarcations, the grinder looks like and actual camera lens, and with the twisting motion of the appliance, that imitates the focus change, it almost fooled me for a second. Truth be told, it might not adjust your focus, but it can very well adjust the coarseness of the spicy end result.

The pepper grinder is just as easy to use as saying “cheese!”: all you have to do is fill the top with peppercorns and twist. After you’re done, cover it with the bottom lens cap and store it in some place where everyone can see it. After all, it doesn’t look this amazing for nothing, right? And at $19 a piece, I say let’s all get photo-cooking with this one!

You can get it from the manufacturer’s website and it will be shipped right to your door. Just make sure that you will not try to attach it to your camera!

Free Photoshop Actions and Lightroom Presets by MCP™
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Lens pepper mill grinder brings good taste to your meals, not your photos