Pentax APS-C and full frame cameras to be announced soon

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Pentax APS-C and full frame cameras to be announced soon

A Pentax representative has confirmed, in an interview at the P&E Show 2013, that the company will release a new digital camera with an APS-C image sensor, aimed at professional photographers.

The P&E Show 2013 is underway in Beijing, China. It is one of the biggest digital imaging shows in the region and we have already seen that Kodak is there, too. The company, which is currently in bankruptcy, has a massive booth, with its new devices, including the PixPro S1 and an unannounced mirrorless shooter.

It seems like Pentax is also full of surprises at the event. Even though many photographers are expecting the Pentax brand to disappear, the company does not give up so easily following its sale to Ricoh.

Pentax P&E Show 2013 booth
The Pentax booth at the P&E Show 2013 in Beijing, China.

Pentax APS-C camera currently being worked on, says Pentax

Managing Director and General Manager of Pentax Ricoh China, Tomoyoshi Shibata, has announced that the company is working on an APS-C camera, which will be targeted at professionals.

Unfortunately, Mr. Shibata did not reveal any other specifications, a release date, nor the price details, as he was busy praising the sales of both the K-01 and MX-1 cameras. It appears that the former has a higher demand than the available stock, which is really good news for the company.

Surprise, surprise! Pentax full frame shooter is in development, too

Thankfully, Pentax’ General Manager did not stop talking, as he has confirmed that a full frame shooter is in the company’s plans as well. It appears that the FF development has already begun, as the company is aiming to release something “different” from any other product released by the competition. However, Shibata remained quiet on the details once again.

Other future plans of the company involve the mirrorless segment. This industry seems to be kind with Pentax, therefore the firm will release new K-mount pancake lenses sometime in the near future, in order to meet the consumer demands.

The full interview, where the Pentax APS-C and full-frame cameras have been confirmed by Shibata, is available at Chinese website PCPop, though it is worth noting that Google is doing a great job at translating it.

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Pentax APS-C and full frame cameras to be announced soon