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Canon tilt-shift macro lens rumored to be in development

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Canon tilt-shift macro lens rumored to be in development

The unique Canon macro lens, which has been previously mentioned within the rumor mill, might come packed with tilt-shift capabilities, a source is reporting.

Canon is not selling tons of tilt-shift optics, but TS-E lenses are nice to have and some photographers cannot image life without them. There have been lots of reports since early 2013 regarding the company’s future TS-E units, which were supposed to be launched in 2013, 2014, or 2015. They are not here, yet, and a source has even said that the EOS maker is not focusing on them because demand is weak.

In other rumors, the Japan-based company has been said to be developing a new macro lens with unique capabilities and the source has promised to provide more information before its alleged announcement set for sometime in 2016. According to another leakster, those unique traits are actually referring to tilt-shift, which would lead to an unheard combination in the digital imaging world.

Canon tilt-shift
A future Canon tilt-shift lens could get macro capabilities and could be on its way in the not-so-distant future.

Unique Canon tilt-shift macro lens could be in the works

One of the things that photographers like to experiment with is tilt-shift macro photography. Tilt-shift effects are considered cool, while macro photography does not need any further introduction. This is why users are trying to combine these types in order to create truly unique shots.

In order to capture tilt-shift macro images you need adapters, converters, or other accessories. You can even use software gimmicks, but it is hard to deny that the simplest thing would be to have a lens that does both. According to Canon Rumors, this is what the Japanese manufacturer is currently developing.

A unique Canon tilt-shift macro lens is allegedly in the works and it will offer a 1:1 reproduction ratio. The 45mm and 90mm models are the ones expected to be replaced in 2016. With the former being a telephoto unit, it has the biggest chances of getting macro capabilities.

New Canon TS-E lenses will be unveiled in 2016

All these details are coming from the rumor mill. This means that everything could change in the meantime. Nevertheless, it could also mean that it has been misinterpreted, therefore the unique macro optic and that Canon tilt-shift macro lens could be different products.

As stated above, the TS-E 45mm f/2.8 and TS-E 90mm f/2.8 lenses will be replaced in 2016, but another model could also be introduced by the EOS maker.

In the past, a source suggested that the focal length of the 90mm replacement could change, too, so everything is up for discussion at this point. Either way, a Canon tilt-shift macro lens does sound exciting so you really need to stay tuned to Camyx for further details!

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Canon tilt-shift macro lens rumored to be in development