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MCP Actions™ puts the most interesting photo projects in the limelight. Inspiration is only one click away! We are all photography fans and we want to see what others are creating. Photographers form a creative bunch and the most amazing photo projects are right here for you. We can bring you in the limelight of photographic excellence by exposing awe-inspiring artwork to you!


National Geographic Photo Contest 2014 winners announced

National Geographic Photo Contest 2014 winners revealed

The National Geographic Photo Contest 2014 is now over, as the Society has revealed the winners of its annual competition. The overall laureate is photographer Brian Yen, courtesy of an impressive shot named “A Node Glows in the Dark”, while Triston Yeo and Nicole Cambré are the other two major winners.

Abandoned Schools

Eerie photos of abandoned schools by Chris Luckhardt

This is what we have been and this is what we will become! Photographer Chris Luckhardt takes exploring to the next level with a set of amazing photos of abandoned schools. His haunting image project is called “Abandoned Schools” and it includes multiple locations abandoned throughout the US, Canada, and Japan.

The Veteran Art Project

Honoring military members through The Veteran Art Project

People serving in the military are often forced to live a double life. It is hard to express your true self when in combat, so this is why we have to remember that soldiers are humans, too. Photographer Devin Mitchell is using his talents to pay a tribute to military members in a compelling photo series called “The Veteran Art Project”.

We Never Met

“We Never Met”, but we know all about you

Photographers Alex Mendes and Hugo Catraio are capturing photos of strangers’ backs. The shots are then coupled with fictional stories about the subjects, which are representing conversations the authors never had with the subjects. The project is called “We Never Met” and it is an exciting street photography series.

Motion Exposure

Light painting at its finest in “Motion Exposure” photo series

Light painting is one of the first things people do when they get a camera. However, some photographers will choose to make a career out of it and to come up with amazing long exposures. Artist Stephen Orlando is one of them and he is attaching LED lights to athletes to create unique patterns for his “Motion Exposure” project.

Stories Worth Telling

Foster children overcome adversity in “Stories Worth Telling”

A photo is worth a thousand words, they say. This is why photographer Rob Woodcox is letting this amazing project to do all the talking. The artist has created the “Stories Worth Telling” series, which depicts children facing adversity in order to get to safety as a means to raise awareness of foster children, who need your help.

Super Flemish

Super Flemish: portraits of superheros envisioned as paintings

Have you ever wondered what your favorite superheros would look like if they lived in the 16th century? Well, photographer Sacha Goldberger has set on a quest to find out. The result is called “Super Flemish” and it consists of portraits of superheros as well as villains re-imagined as 16th century Flemish paintings.

The Day Dreamer by Gerald Larocque

“The Day Dreamer”: surreal portraits in a wonderland

Canada-based photographer Gerald Larocque is using his “unconscious and suppressed memories” for “The Day Dreamer” photo series. The project consists of portraits of subjects found in a rather cold setting, which quickly turns into a wonderland featuring real subjects along with unearthly elements in a surreal world.

The Little Mermaid Ariel and Prince Eric

Dream wedding photos inspired by “The Little Mermaid”

Mathieu Photography and Mark Brooke Photography have teamed up along with the Your Cloud Parade store in order to capture the perfect wedding on camera. Inspired by The Little Mermaid, Ariel and Prince Eric have posed for the dream wedding photos of people looking for ideas for the most important day of their lives.

Power Hungry

Power Hungry: differences between the rich and the poor

Photographer Henry Hargreaves and food-stylist Caitlin Levin have created a touching photo series that is meant to make us aware of what has happened throughout history in countries ruled by dictators. The project is called “Power Hungry” and it reveals the contrast between the daily meals of the rich and those of the poor.

Hide in a trashcan

Photographer hides in trash can for surprise proposal photos

If you are looking to propose to your significant other, then you have to capture the event on camera. However, you must conceal your plans. How do you do that? Well, photographer Chance Faulkner’s successful idea has been to hide in a trash can. The result consists of the perfect surprise proposal photos of Adam and Bailey.

Nic Persinger

Photographer celebrates Halloween with Polaroid pumpkin camera

We hope that you enjoyed Halloween! A very important part of this celebration, in addition to dressing up and going trick-or-treating, is carving spooky pumpkins. A photographer named Nic Persinger has decided to combine his work with his Halloween tradition. The result is a functional Polaroid pumpkin camera that captures medium format images.

The Death Of Conversion

The Death Of Conversation caught on camera by Babycakes Romero

Photographer Babycakes Romero has captured “The Death Of Conversation” on camera. His photo series proves that smartphones are killing socialization, as people are more connected to their smartphones than to their fellow humans. This amazing project should be a wake up call for people before they completely forget how to socialize.

The last great picture

Wildlife Photographer of the Year 2014 winners announced

The winners of the 50th edition of the Wildlife Photographer of the Year 2014 contest have been announced by the National History Museum in London, UK. The grand prize has been awarded to American photographer Michael “Nick” Nichols, courtesy of his amazing black-and-white photo of a pride of lions.


“Baby Blues” and “Under Pressure” photo projects by Guia Besana

Italian photographer Guia Besana is touching sensitive subjects with her photography. The artist has created the “Baby Blues” project, which depicts the struggles of a working mother. Furthermore, the “Under Pressure” photo series is detailing the pressures women are experiencing in today’s society.

Adrian Murray

Adrian Murray captures the magical “Moments” of childhood

After a major health scare involving his eldest son, an occasional photographer has decided to become a professional. This decision has been made in order to capture the most important “Moments” in one’s life: watching his children growing up. Adrian Murray is now capturing dreamy portraits of his kids playing in the outdoors.

Chasing Horizons

Simon Roberts “Chasing Horizons” to capture 24 sunsets in a day

Have you ever thought about seeing 24 sunsets in a single day in person? Well, most people think that this is not possible. Well, photographer Simon Roberts has proven that you can do it as part of the “Chasing Horizons” campaign. With help from a Citizen watch, Simon has been able to capture 24 sunsets in one day!

The Brown Sisters: Forty Years

The Brown Sisters: Forty Years of portrait photos by Nicholas Nixon

Photographer Nicholas Nixon has documented the aging process of four sisters for the past 40 years. His project is called “The Brown Sisters: Forty Years” and it consists of portraits of four sisters, one of them being his wife, named Bebe. The results are simply stunning and every photography fan should take a closer look at it.

Brinson Banks

Brinson + Banks equals love and kisses all around the world

Kendrick Brinson and David Walter Banks are two married photographers and the authors of a mesmerizing photo project. The couple, who goes by the name of Brinson + Banks, is recreating a passionate kiss whenever the opportunity arises. This way, they couple will document their love story with a series of amazing photos.

Family Outreach Program founder

“Judging America” project wants to put an end to prejudices

Stereotypes and prejudices are still not uncommon in today’s world. People are still labeling one another, when they should stop doing it in order to find out their true potential. Photographer Joel Parés is aiming to prove people that they should not have preconceived ideas using an amazing photo project called “Judging America”.

Nomads in Mongolia

The lives of nomads in Mongolia as documented by Brian Hodges

Photographer Brian Hodges has traveled to more than 50 countries. He has captured lots of photos during his travels and today we are looking at his series depicting nomads in Mongolia. Brian Hodges has decided to document the lives of people who need to be on the move throughout the year in order to avoid extreme conditions.


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