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“The Day Dreamer”: surreal portraits in a wonderland


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Photographer Gerald Larocque is the creator of “The Day Dreamer” project consisting of ethereal photos of subjects living in a wonderland set during cold seasons.

Humans have a very powerful imagination even when they are awake. However, during sleep is when things get really strange, as sometimes we lose the control over our dreams.

Photographer Gerald Larocque has started from this idea to combine his subconscious memories and dreaming during the day in order to create “The Day Dreamer” photo project.

The shots are portraying pale subjects that are caught up in an ethereal world that is mostly affected by the winter and that could instill fear for the models into the viewer’s eyes.

Old, suppressed memories could turn you into “The Day Dreamer”

Day dreaming is something that all humans are doing. This is a good thing to do, as we should let our imagination run wild in order to get creative or more productive.

Gerald Larocque is a talented artist who is aiming to push the boundaries of photography with surreal photos that are the result of his “unconscious and suppressed memories”.

In turn, the result of his memories is “The Day Dreamer” photo project that consists of unearthly portraits of subjects living in a fantastic world.

The models are also wearing unconventional clothing and they tend to be pale, in order to fit the dreamy landscape. The artist says that it is all a combination of “mythology, religion, and spirituality”.

Photographer Gerald Larocque creates a wonderland for his subjects to fit in

The pale models are joined by other intriguing props that create the ethereal world. Subjects can be seen standing in a giant bird nest as well as on a boat in a frozen lake where fish are struggling to stay alive.

Most of the photos are captured in fall and winter wonderlands, which are known for being the seasons when things get really spooky.

The photographer is based in Toronto, Canada, so you could say that his homeland is an inspiration for the cold setting of “The Day Dreamer” series.

Gerald Larocque has graduated from the Ryerson University. He has a bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts and a major in Photography Studies. Leaving his talent aside, his studies have paid off, as his shots are simply stunning and will make you want to enter this ethereal world.

More images and details can be found at the artist’s personal website.

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