MCP Photography Challenge #1 Highlights

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MCP Photography Challenge #1 Highlights

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Project MCP may have ended with the beginning of the New Year, but the inspiration, camaraderie, encouragement and opportunity to grow as a photographer has not ended. For 2013, the Project MCP group has moved to the MCP Shoot Me Facebook Group . In addition to gaining valuable photography advice and critique, learning new techniques and hearing about new products first, The MCP Shoot Me Facebook Page will also be hosting biweekly photography challenges. Every other week a new theme, skill or concept challenge will be posted. You can read more about the challenges, rules and guidelines on the MCP Shoot Me Facebook Group .

Here is the first challenge:

Photography is about the magic of capturing and manipulating light. Our new Photography Challenge for the next two weeks is to utilize WINDOW lighting. It is something that is available to all of us, and all too often we overlook this awesome light! Catch lights creating the sparkle in the eye, using it as backlight to create that warm and embracing rim light we all love, or use it to create dramatic shadows and romantic silhouettes. Stretch yourself to think outside the box, and see what creative ways you can find to capture this universally free light source!

Many of our MCP Shoot Me Facebook Group members have already posted several stunning examples using natural window light. The MCP Team has enjoyed basking in the glow of these beautiful photos this week. Here are some of our favorites:

MCP Natural Light Biju PhotographySubmitted by Biju Oommen

MCP Natural Light Loni Korpita

Submitted by Loni Korpita

MCP Natural Light Stephanie Barnett Rodriguez

Submitted by Stephanie Rodriguez

 MCP Natural Light Sue Zellers

Submitted by Sue Zellers

MCP Natural Light Iulia Booth

Submitted by Iulia Booth

We want to thank everyone who posted a photo this week. We are excited about what is in store for the MCP Shoot Me Facebook Group this year and hope you will join us for the journey as we develop as photographers and make new friends.

Was it too dark to capture your natural window light photo this week? No worries, you still have another week to snap your photo and post it to the Facebook photo album.

Next week a new type of challenge will be issued, an editing challenge. Stay tuned for more information. It is going to be challenging for sure!

Free Photoshop Actions and Lightroom Presets by MCP™
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MCP Photography Challenge #1 Highlights