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How to Obtain Unique Images of Newborns and their Parents

How to Obtain Unique Images of Newborns and their Parents

How to Obtain Unique Images of Newborns and their Parents

How many times do we see images of newborns and their parents that involve Mom or Dad holding the baby and looking straight at the camera and smiling? There is nothing wrong with this traditional form of family photography but it gets boring after a while. My personal goal in 2012 onwards was to obtain more unique images of newborns and their families, that would not only capture their connection but their emotion and love for one another while being artistically creative.



Here is my best advice when photographing newborns and their parents.

  1. Focus on their connection, their new found bond and love
  2. Try to get parents to relax, make them laugh, tell them to pretend that you are not there and get them to try to talk to one another, laugh and relax
  3. Have parents wear black and photograph them on a solid black or cream background. This is a very flattering way to photograph parents, especially Mom’s who are a bit self conscious about their size after just having given birth
  4. Tell parents to close their eyes and take a deep breath.  The emotion in these images can be quite moving
  5. Start with family images first so that the parents are not too hot and tired
  6. Keep props to a minimum and use the parents as props instead.
  7. Relax and have fun and your clients will do the same!
  8. Think outside the box!

 Here are a bunch of samples to inspire you to try new poses:

All images on this page are edited with Newborn Necessities Photoshop actions.










Tracy Callahan of Memories by TLC is a fine are Children’s Portrait Photographer specializing in newborn photography. Tracy is the teacher of our online newborn Photography Workshop. Our next online workshop and the last one for 2013 is on Wednesday, September 25 at 8pm EST. 

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How to Obtain Unique Images of Newborns and their Parents