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Aspekt modular SLR camera sports a rotating full frame sensor

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Aspekt modular SLR camera sports a rotating full frame sensor

A team of researchers at the University of Applied Science in Germany has come up with a modular SLR camera concept, called Aspekt, which fixes most problems of today’s digital shooters.

Just like many other people, University of Applied Science researchers are annoyed by the fact that camera manufacturers are mostly forbidding third-party makers to create accessories, such as lenses, for their products.

Aspekt exploded view
University of Applied Science researchers believe that this is a properly envisioned camera. Its modular design has also triggered the name “Aspekt”, while its specs are definitely worth looking at.

Scientists at the University of Applied Science in Germany have revealed a highly-customizable modular SLR camera concept

They think that it would be nice for the consumers to customize the product and choose whatever they feel it is necessary to capture amazing photos. This is why the scientists have designed Aspekt, a modular SLR camera system, which allows photographers to attach older lenses and accessories to new SLR devices.

Aspekt is a mirrorless camera concept, which is powered by a 24-megapixel full frame CMOS sensor of unknown origin. This image sensor can also be rotated, meaning that portrait photography will be easier to handle, as well as the camera.

Beside the fact that photographers can easily switch between landscape and portrait modes, they can also view the frames on a high-resolution OLED viewfinder. Anyway, the back of the camera features an articulated LCD which can be used as an electronic viewfinder, too.

Aspekt modular SLR camera
Aspekt modular SLR camera may look like it has a complicated design, but it is based on simple ideas, to allow photographers to use the shooter however they want.

Aspekt, the rotatable full frame image sensor, offers multiple connectivity ports

Moreover, Aspekt is said to be powered by a “computing processor” as well as a battery which is covered in a very ergonomic grip.

The modular SLR shooter boasts a pair of SD memory card slots as well as USB connectivity for external hard drives or flash memories, while an ultra-fast Thunderbolt port is also present.

Aspekt modular SLR camera concept
Aspekt modular SLR camera concept features an OLED optical viewfinder and an articulated LCD electronic VF.

Design team comprises five talented researchers

The team of  University of Applied Science researchers includes Gabriel Brückner, Johanna Gedeon, Christoph Hiebinger, Bianca Koch, and Jessica Lederer.

Aspekt is nothing more than a concept therefore early fans should not expect to see the camera on the market anytime soon. Even so, it remains to be seen whether or not this modular SLR device will attract the watchful eyes of cameras makers.

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Aspekt modular SLR camera sports a rotating full frame sensor