Holiday Gift Ideas for Photographers + A Few Free Goodies

Are you stumped when it comes to buying a gift for the photographer in your life?  Whether you want to buy a gift as a token of thanks for the photographer who took your family photos or you want a gift for someone special in your life who loves taking pictures, we have you covered.  Here are some fun ideas.


Camera Dial Cuff Links

A Camera Necklace

A Vintage Camera Pencil Sharpener

A Camera Keychain

A Crystal CameraThis gift is all about fancy - a crystal camera.  Beautiful decoration, and just as fragile as the real thing. The only thing cooler would be a real camera.

Sure, they’d probably LOVE a fancy new camera or a shiny new lens, but for most of us, those items are a little out of reach.  So we searched through a few of our favorite sites and gathered some fun novelty gift ideas, a few educational presents, and some helpful/useful gift ideas too.  Rather than list them out as we had in past years, we made a “Gift Ideas for Photographers Pinterest Board” so you can easily pin and link to the ones you want.

One of my all-time favorite gifts.  I love mine - I actually have a 24-105 as a pen holder in my office and the 70-200 for coffee and hot cocoa.  These really are the perfect gift for any photographer.  Available here:


What’s this talk about “FREE” goodies?

See how we “snuck” that into the title?  Well, if you are all about free, we have a few Free Holiday Card Templates on our Gift Guide PIN Board.   Here is a sneak peak of the cards:



Enjoy!  In the comments below, tell us what gifts you want for the holidays.  List a big one and a smaller one too. 


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Holiday Gift Ideas for Photographers + A Few Free Goodies