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Sony A77MII specs to include new sensor and AF system

Sony A77MII specs to include new sensor and AF system

Sony is rumored to announce a replacement for the A77 A-mount camera on April 30, which will be called A77MII, as a new specs list has been leaked on the web.

As we are getting closer to the major product launch event held by Sony on April 30, more and more information is getting leaked on the web.

We know, courtesy of highly-trusted sources, that the PlayStation maker will announce a plethora of products in London, UK, including the RX100M3 compact camera, the A77 replacement, and new lenses.

The successor for the A77 has been thought to feature the A77II name, but a new source is claiming that the shooter will retail under the Sony A77MII codename, while leaking some of its specifications.

New Sony A77MII specs list leaked on the web

Sony SLT-A77MII rumor
The latest Sony SLT-A77MII rumor says that the upcoming A-mount camera will sport a new and quick autofocus system as well as great performances in low-light environments.

Without further introduction, the Sony A77MII specs list will include a new 24-megapixel image sensor with a total of 79 autofocus points, including 15 cross-type AF points.

The A-mount Alpha SLT camera will feature a very quick fast Tracking technology and will allow users to capture up to 12fps in continuous shooting mode for up to 60 frames in JPG, 26 frames in RAW, and 25 frames in RAW+JPG modes, respectively.

Previously it has been reported that the A77 successor will only reach 11fps in burst mode, which would be a downside from the current model that supports 12fps.

Moreover, it seems like the low-light autofocus algorithm has been improved to provide better focusing in poorly-lit environments.

What else do we know about the Sony A77MII?

According to previous reports, the new shooter will come packed with WiFi, allowing smartphone and tablet users to connect to the A77II in order to copy photos and share them on social networking websites with ease.

Another rumored feature is a very fast integrated electronic viewfinder that does not have any lag, so that photographers can see what sits in front of the camera in real-time.

Last but not least, we can add that the aforementioned autofocus system will be among the quickest on the market, rivaling the ones offered by the DSLR cameras.

Meanwhile, the Sony A77 has not had its price decreased at Amazon, as it continues to be available for a price below $800 at Amazon. As usual, take this rumor with a pinch of salt and wait for tomorrow’s announcement.

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Sony A77MII specs to include new sensor and AF system