The Future of Mobile Editing: Creative Cloud Updates for Photographers

Free Photoshop Actions and Lightroom Presets by MCP™

The Future of Mobile Editing: Creative Cloud Updates for Photographers

Adobe Max 2015, which took place in early October, brought new features and apps to the Creative Cloud for Photographers Plan.

Here are some highlights that will impact your future as a photographer, especially when it comes to mobile editing.

First off, there’s Photoshop Fix.

Photoshop Fix is a new app for the iPhone and iPad. Have you ever wanted to liquify or use the Healing Brush on the go? Now you can. Photoshop Fix is a retouching and restoration-focused image editor for your Apple mobile devices.

Photoshop Fix LiquifyPhotoshop Fix Healing Brush

In addition to the new Photoshop Fix, Adobe introduced upgrades to Lightroom for mobile:

Dehaze is now available there as well as in the LR CC and ACR CC. Also, you can tune the colors in specific areas of your photos using the Targeted Adjustment tool, a new Color/B&W editing option.

Lightroom for mobile also has new capture features:

lr capture

The above screen shot shows the capture interface in Lightroom for mobile. You can set White Balance and Exposure compensation in real time as you compose your images. After shooting, you can proceed directly into the LR editing area to fix those images. And just like desktop Lightroom, you can easily take those images into the new Photoshop Fix for for further retouching.

Photoshop Mix, Adobe’s compositing app for mobile devices, has support for additional layers this year.

Creative Sync is an upgrade that allows for all photos created with mobile apps to be shared to the Creative Cloud Libraries. The content of your Creative Cloud Library can accessed across all your desktop and mobile apps. Creative Sync is part of Adobe’s strategy to allow photographers to “feed your passion for photography wherever you are.”

Photoshop Fix on iPad


A few upcoming additions:

  • Coming by year end, Photoshop will support an Artboard view to make for easier visualization of graphic designs.
  • Also coming by year end is local Dehazing for Lightroom CC and ACR CC. Given the strength of the Dehaze feature in LR CC, this is a great addition!
  • Finally, Lightroom CC will have improved importing of catalogs from Photoshop Elements.

One final feature that will be available to subscribers to Adobe’s Photography Plan is Adobe Portfolio. Build your own beautiful, simple & creative portfolio site using this product built on Behance. You’ll be able to use your own domain name and even right-click protect your images.

To summarize all this news, subscribers to the Photograph Plan now have:

  • Photoshop Fix – a retouching app for iPhones and iPads
  • Lightroom mobile users can now apply the Dehaze to their images, apply color adjustments to specific areas of their photos and capture photos from within this app
  • Lightroom CC & ACR CC will have local Dehaze adjustments
  • Artboards in Photoshop (available by year end)
  • Adobe Portfolio (available by year end)

Most of these new features focus on mobile apps. However, local Dehaze is a important addition, and Artboards in Photoshop will be helpful for those of us who create our own marketing material. Finally, Adobe Portfolio could be a big money and time saver for people without the skill, time or money to invest in their own portfolio site.

Which of these features will be most helpful for you?

Free Photoshop Actions and Lightroom Presets by MCP™
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The Future of Mobile Editing: Creative Cloud Updates for Photographers