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AXIOM Beta: an open-source camera that records 4K RAW footage


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AXIOM has introduced the AXIOM Beta, an open-source camera based on Linux OS, which is capable of recording 4K RAW footage and which has received support from renowned filmmaker Philip Bloom.

The battle for the 4K is getting really interesting. While giants such as Canon and Nikon are largely ignoring the crowd demanding 4K video recording in their cameras, Sony and Panasonic are making efforts to bring these features to the masses.

Furthermore, there are other companies who are trying to make 4K as affordable as possible. As a result, there are lots of projects on crowd-funding platforms that are here to provide superior video performance at small prices.

One of these projects has been created by AXIOM and it is available on IndieGogo. It consists of AXIOM Beta, which is a Linux-based open-source camera that captures high-resolution footage directly on a microSD card.

axiom-beta AXIOM Beta: an open-source camera that records 4K RAW footage News and Reviews

AXIOM Beta is said to be the first truly open-source camera in the world that is capable of shooting uncompressed 4K RAW footage.

AXIOM Beta comes with customizable hardware and software

One of the most important features of AXIOM Beta is that it runs on a Linux distro. The software is open-source and highly-customizable, meaning that users will be able to change anything they want on their device in order to meet their demands.

The camera will be available in three versions, so you can choose the one you want. The units will be powered by a Super 35mm 4K image sensor, a Micro Four Thirds sensor that offers 13-stops of dynamic range, and a 16mm sensor, respectively.

Furthermore, there will be multiple lens mount options, including Nikon F-mount, Canon EF-mount, and Micro Four Thirds mount.

Philip Bloom and Magic Lantern are among AXIOM’s backers

The specs list of the AXIOM Beta also includes a magnetometer, an accelerometer, and a gyroscope, the latter being able to provide superior image stabilization.

Footage will be captured on a microSD card. However, the camcorder will support full HD 4:4:4 output at up to 60fps on three separate HDMI channels.

Nevertheless, the capabilities of this camera are only limited by your creativity. Its software can be modified at your will, so you could squeeze even more power from this shooter.

As a result, renowned filmmaker Philip Bloom and the Magic Lantern team have announced their support for the AXIOM Beta camera.

Filmmakers can still secure an AXIOM Beta unit

The IndieGogo campaign ended on October 8, easily exceeding the goal amount of €100,000. However, the good thing is that the AXIOM team is still accepting contributions. You can pledge €500 to the cause until October 23 and you will have secured a Beta camera.

Please note that you will have to pay about €2,000 more when the camera is due shipping. This is a small price to pay considering the fact that the shooter will retail for about €6,000, so make sure to head over to IndieGogo and to grab a unit while you still can!

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