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Black Fuji X30 also leaked ahead of August 26 launch event


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Several new Fujifilm X30 photos have appeared on the web, revealing that the compact camera will look absolutely stunning in a black color, just like its predecessor.

Another camera, beside the Canon 7D Mark II, has been mentioned in gossip talks very many times. We are talking about the Fujifilm X30, of course. However, the difference between the EOS DSLR and the X-series compact is that we have proof that the latter is real.

Recently, the X20 replacement has showed up in a few images bearing a silver-black color combination, which is common in Fuji shooters. Well, now that the black Fuji X30 has been leaked online, we can say that it has a great design that will definitely stand out from the crowd.

black-fuji-x30-leaked Black Fuji X30 also leaked ahead of August 26 launch event Rumors

This is the black version of the Fujifilm X30.

Black Fuji X30 photos leaked on the web

As if it is necessary at this point, the photos of the black version of the Fujifilm X30 are confirming that the camera will sport a 7.1-28.4mm f/2-2.8 lens, which will offer a 35mm focal length equivalent of 28-112mm.

The lens also comes with a control ring, as previously rumored. This ring is available in the Fuji XQ1, too, and it will allow users to access exposure settings and more.

In addition, the optical viewfinder of the X20 has been replaced by an electronic viewfinder that is also available in the X-E2. Moreover, a pop-up flash will be available, while an autofocus assist light sits in the front of this compact.

Other things that can be easily noticed are some fine design changes, making the X30 look better than the X20. Button placement has been slightly altered, too, but all of them have been made with accessibility in mind and can be considered improvements.

black-fuji-x30-back-leaked Black Fuji X30 also leaked ahead of August 26 launch event Rumors

The back of the Fuji X30 will house an electronic viewfinder and a tilting display.

Fujifilm poised to announce the X30 on August 26

On the back of the device you can easily spot a tilting screen. However, it is unknown whether it is an OLED or LCD version and if it s a touch-based display or non-touch unit.

It is rumored that a 12-megapixel 2/3-inch-type sensor will “power” the camera along with a new 400-shot rechargeable battery.

A new “classic chrome” mode has been added into the Fujifilm X30, which consists of a film simulation mode.

The silver and black versions of the X20 successor will become official on August 26. The camera will be released sometime at the end of September for a price around $600-$650.

black-fuji-x30-front-leaked Black Fuji X30 also leaked ahead of August 26 launch event Rumors

Fujifilm will add a control ring around X30’s lens, allowing users to control the camera’s settings.

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