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B+W 77mm Clear UV Haze filter price reduced at Amazon


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Schneider Optics’ B+W Clear UV Haze filters with Multi-Resistant Coating are available at a discounted price at Amazon regardless of filter thread size.

Amazon is constantly offering deals for all sort of products. These deals also include digital imaging stuff, such as cameras, lenses, and accessories. This week, the world’s biggest retailer has decided to drop the price of some of the most popular and best filters on the market: the B+W filters.

At the retailer’s dedicated page for deals, promotion, and offers, photographers will see that they can get a 25% or more price cut on select B+W filter, a brand which finds itself under the parenthood of Schneider Optics.

According to the Germany-based manufacturer, the B+W filters offer the highest image quality currently available on the market. This is a bold claim, but looking at Amazon’s top sales in the “Filters & Accessories” kind of backs this statement, as there are multiple B+W products on the Top 10 Best Sellers list.

Amazon cuts down B+W 77mm Clear UV Haze filter price by 60%

b-w-clear-uv-haze-filter B+W 77mm Clear UV Haze filter price reduced at Amazon News and Reviews

This is the B+W 77mm Clear UV Haze filter, which is available for about $70 at Amazon.

The highest-placed B+W-branded filter on Amazon’s best sellers list is the B+W 77mm Clear UV Haze filter with Multi-Resistant Coating, which is currently available for less than $70, courtesy of a price reduction of 60% from the original amount of $176.

This accessory comes in all common lens sizes, such as 52mm, 58mm, 62mm, 67mm, 72mm, and 82mm. Regardless of the filter thread size, the optical quality is preserved and the thinner Pro mount does not produce any vignetting.

It is unclear whether the B+W 77mm Clear UV Haze filter price reduction is permanent or it is poised to go higher once again. However, this is a great deal and it comes in all shapes and sizes as well as at even lower prices, as the 58mm version costs about $33.

B+W 77mm Kaesemann Circular Polarizer filter price also reduced heavily

There are photographers who want to add something more than a UV filter to their lens. Thankfully, Amazon and Schneider Optics have them covered. A circular polarizer filter is great for users fond of landscape photography, but could also protect the lens from harsh external factors.

The B+W 77mm Kaesemann Circular Polarizer filter with Multi-Resistant Coating is available for less than $150, a 59% price decrease from the original price of $356.

Amazon’s offer for B+W filters is pretty large to fit in a single article therefore we are inviting you to learn more at the retailer’s website.

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