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Canon 1D X successor now rumored to be announced in 2015


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Canon will allegedly announce a replacement for the EOS 1D X in 2015 and the company has admitted that shooters with big-megapixel image sensors will be introduced soon.

The talk of the town is suggesting that Canon is preparing to hold a major launch event sometime around mid-October 2014. The so-called EOS 1Ds-X is said to be the main subject of the event and to feature a big-megapixel sensor.

There are multiple sources who are talking about this subject. However, some are saying that the shooter is coming, while others are claiming the opposite.

A new piece of information has been revealed by a trusted source, who is saying that the Canon 1D X successor will not be revealed in 2014 because it is coming in 2015. This means that if a big-megapixel DSLR is coming in October, then it will not be the 1Ds-X or 1D Xs or whatever name Canon will choose for the 1D X’ replacement.

canon-1d-x-successor-rumor Canon 1D X successor now rumored to be announced in 2015 Rumors

Canon will launch a replacement for the 1D X in 2015. This means that the big-megapixel DSLR rumored to come in October 2014 is not the 1Ds-X / 1D Xs.

If a big-megapixel EOS DSLR comes in October, then it will not be the Canon 1D X successor

There is a high demand for Canon DSLRs with high-resolution image sensors, as the 5D Mark III remains the one with the highest amount of pixels: 22.3 million.

October 2014 is said to be the month when all these prayers are answered. Inside sources are claiming that a big-megapixel camera is coming and that it will compete against the offerings provided by Nikon and Sony.

Nevertheless, the upcoming shooter is not the Canon 1D X successor. A top source says that such device will become official sometime in 2015. Additionally, the 5D Mark IV will also be unveiled next year, but it is unclear whether it will feature a high-resolution sensor or not.

Canon: high-resolution sensor and mirrorless cameras news coming soon

Masaya Maeda, Canon’s Managing Director and Chief Executive of the Imaging Communication Products Operation, has recently claimed that we will hear more mirrorless news in the near future.

Well, Mr. Maeda has granted another interview, this time with DPReview, and he has made a couple of interesting claims. The company’s representative has revealed that photographers will hear more details about Canon mirrorless cameras soon.

On top of that, the Managing Director has confirmed that the company is considering the launch of cameras with “more resolution”.

With all these rumors about an event taking place in October, it is inevitable not to think that Canon is planning to reveal exciting devices soon. This is why you will have to stay tuned in order to find out more!

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