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Canon 44.7-megapixel DSLR camera coming in late August


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The next Canon DSLR camera is rumored to feature a 44.7-megapixel image sensor and to come packed with lots of video features, including 4K output.

It is true that Canon does not have a big megapixel camera in its lineup. However, sources are reporting that the company will be launching one such shooter soon, in order to compete against the Nikon D800 / D800E.

canon-eos-1d-c Canon 44.7-megapixel DSLR camera coming in late August Rumors

Canon EOS 1D C might have a competitor soon, which is being developed in its own back yard. The alleged 44.7-megapixel DSLR is rumored to come packed with plenty of video features, such as 4K output.

Canon 44.7-megapixel DSLR camera to support 4K video output

The most recent rumor has suggested that the next Canon DSLR camera will feature a 75-megapixel image sensor or bigger. Unfortunately for that rumor, a new one has arrived and it says that the company’s next shooter will actually feature a 44.7-megapixel sensor.

These details come from a new source, claiming that the device will be capable of capturing photos at 8192 x 5462 resolution. Additionally, the device will be able to record videos at 4K quality without any artifacts.

Canon puts general performance and battery life before maximum resolution

Canon’s upcoming big megapixel DSLR will also support UHDTV, but the output will be cropped. Either way, it seems like the company’s engineers focus on improved battery life, as battery life is more important than the maximum photo and video recording quality.

Sources are reporting that researchers are looking for a way to optimize processing speeds, in order to allow photographers to make use of the full bandwidth, while preserving the shooter’s battery.

As usual, Canon has decided to play it safe and to provide more functionality, such as higher dynamic range, rather than focusing on the maximum resolution.

Special port for an electronic viewfinder could make its way into Canon’s big megapixel camera

The upcoming Canon camera with a high amount of megapixels will be very focused on video features. It is unknown whether it will be a part of the EOS Cinema series or it will be a regular DSLR with improved recording capabilities.

Either way, it is rumored that the camera will come packed with a new port, serving as a link for an electronic viewfinder. Many details remain unknown in this department, but it is just another confirmation that Canon is not messing around in the video department.

Canon 75-megapixel DSLR still being tested

The new rumor does not exclude the fact that Canon is testing the 75-megapixel unit. This model is currently being examined, too, and it is in the hands of a few lucky photographers.

As the Canon 44.7-megapixel DSLR camera has been scheduled for an August announcement date, the 75MP version is still on track to be introduced by the end of 2013 and released in early 2014.

In the meantime, the video-centric EOS 1D C is available for $11,999 at B&H Photo Video.

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