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Canon 4K fixed-lens camera photos and specs leaked


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The Canon 4K fixed-lens camera has been leaked on the web along with a list of specifications, courtesy of a person who attended a special event where the President and CEO of Canon China, Hideki Ozawa, introduced the device alongside actor Jackie Chan.

For many months, it has been believed that Canon would announce a competitor to the Panasonic GH4 and Sony A7S in the body of a mirrorless camera. However, a recent rumor has claimed that the device will actually consist of a fixed-lens camera.

Well, it appears that the recent gossip talks are true, as a bunch of photos of the Canon 4K fixed-lens camera have showed up online. The product has been introduced to a select audience in China by Canon China’s President and CEO, Hideki Ozawa, as well as world-famous actor Jackie Chan.

canon-4k-fixed-lens-camera-jackie-chan Canon 4K fixed-lens camera photos and specs leaked Rumors

Jackie Chan and Hideki Ozawa introducing the Canon 4K fixed-lens camera.

Jackie Chan introduces the Canon 4K fixed-lens camera during special event

This is an unconventional leak, as there is not a need for more proof that the Canon 4K fixed-lens camera is real. The source who previously leaked this information also said that the camera would look like the EOS C100 Mark II camcorder. However, we can now see that the design has more DSLR-like traits, including a large grip, and which seems to be inspired by the EOS xxD series, such as the EOS 70D.

The Panasonic GH4 competitor will not have a built-in viewfinder. Like seen in the photos, the camera will have an external viewfinder, albeit it is unclear whether it will be included in the package or users will have to purchase it separately.

As stated above, the people in the photos are the President and CEO of Canon China, Hideki Ozawa, and Jackie Chan, a renowned actor. The official launch event of the device is expected to take place during NAB Show 2015, which begins on April 11.

canon-4k-fixed-lens-camera-front Canon 4K fixed-lens camera photos and specs leaked Rumors

The Canon 4K camera will feature a 10x optical zoom lens offering a 35mm equivalent of 24-240mm.

Canon 4K fixed-lens to come packed with WiFi and 10x optical zoom lens

In the photos we can see that the Canon 4K fixed-lens camera will feature built-in WiFi and a display on the back along with a hot shoe for mounting accessories.

The lens is said to be 4K-ready and to offer 10x optical zoom. It will consist of an 8.9-89mm f/2.8-5.6, which will offer a 35mm focal length equivalent of 24-240mm, as the image sensor is said to be a 1-inch-type CMOS unit. The filter size of the lens stands at 58mm.

These are all the details for now, but stay close in case more information becomes available on the web!

canon-4k-fixed-lens-camera-back Canon 4K fixed-lens camera photos and specs leaked Rumors

Canon 4K fixed-lens camera will come packed with built-in WiFi.

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