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Canon 7D Mark II to be announced in late summer or early fall


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Canon will announce a new camera, which will be categorized as a baby EOS 1D X, sometime by the end of summer or in early fall.

The Canon EOS 7D is considered a “very old” camera, because it has been on the market since September 2009. The company’s fans believe it is a very good camera, so this is why it remained on the market for so long.

canon-7d-mark-ii-bigger-battery Canon 7D Mark II to be announced in late summer or early fall Rumors

Canon’s 7D replacement will feature a bigger battery, in order to achieve faster autofocus when used in combination with bigger lenses.

EOS 7D replacement “definitely” coming in 2013

However, most of them agree that it is time for a refresh and that the Japanese company will release the next-generation EOS 7D DSLR sometime in 2013.

Their beliefs are backed by the rumor mill, as inside sources have revealed that Canon is working on a so-called “baby EOS 1D X”. The sole camera whose description fits is the 7D Mark II, a camera which will serve as a direct replacement for the original EOS 7D.

The Japanese company is speeding up the development process, but it is still testing various versions of the camera. One of them is particularly interesting because it features a built-in grip, with the role of housing a bigger battery.

Canon 7D Mark II will be targeted at wildlife and sports photographers

Canon is looking to release a camera aimed at wildlife and sports photographers. The grip will provide space for a bigger battery, which will allow the camera to autofocus faster when sporting bigger lenses.

It is unclear whether a bigger battery can speed up autofocusing, but the source is convinced that it is the truth.

The new camera was supposed to be smaller than its predecessor, the 7D, because advancements in digital imaging technologies call for a smaller prism. However, the grip would definitely increase the size of the APS-C shooter.

Details are still scarce, therefore we should wait for more information before jumping into conclusions. Canon is actively testing various prototypes and there is enough time until late summer or early fall to decide on the final form factor of the 7D Mark II.

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