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Canon C300 Mark II unveiled with 15-stop dynamic range


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Canon has officially unveiled the EOS C300 Mark II 4K camera in anticipation of the NAB Show 2015 event, which opens its doors on April 11 in Las Vegas, Nevada.

The NAB Show 2015 event is approaching with quick steps so Canon has decided to make its videography announcements before the show. After introducing the XF-AVC 4K video format and the XC10 4K fixed-lens camcorder, the Japan-based company is also revealing the EOS C300 Mark II as the “most capable, flexible, and accessible” model ever released in its Cinema EOS series. According to the manufacturer, this versatile shooter is aimed at professionals broadcasters as well as at professional movie-makers.

canon-c300-mark-ii Canon C300 Mark II unveiled with 15-stop dynamic range News and Reviews

Canon C300 Mark II is official with 4K video recording support and 15-stop dynamic range.

Canon announces EOS C300 Mark II 4K camcorder with 15 stops of dynamic range

Canon C300 Mark II has been created in order to continue the legacy and the “unprecedented success” of the C300, says the company. The way to achieve that is paved with dual DIGIC DV5 image processors and the newly-announced XF-AVC codec.

In addition to this, the new shooter provides an extended dynamic range and an improved sensor. The manufacturer says that it has developed a new Super 35mm CMOS image sensor that offers a maximum ISO of 102,400 and 15 stops of dynamic range, the latter being more than the DR provided by any previous Cinema EOS model.

The extended dynamic range is attributed to the new Canon Log2 as the EOS C300 Mark II is the first camera to employ this technology.

The new Cinema EOS model supports XF-AVC intra for 4K video recording at up to 30fps. Beside 4K shooting, the camcorder does 2K and full HD videos at up to 120fps, thus supporting high-resolution slow-motion movies.

canon-c300-mark-ii-back Canon C300 Mark II unveiled with 15-stop dynamic range News and Reviews

Canon C300 Mark II comes packed with a built-in electronic viewfinder and Dual Pixel CMOS AF technology.

Canon C300 Mark II supports high-quality 10-bit 4:2:2 4K videos at 410Mbps bitrate

Both broadcasters and filmmakers will be pleased to hear that color bleeding is kept to a minimum. The image quality is high at both 4K options, including 3840 x 2160 pixels for broadcasters and 4096 x 2160 for cinematographers.

The 4K videos can be recorded internally on a pair of CFast 2.0 high-speed memory cards. However, the Canon C300 Mark II is compatible with external recorders and it will allow users to output 4K RAW files to such devices.

Canon says that the EOS C300 Mark II supports 10-bit 4:2:2 quality at up to 410Mbps bitrate or 10-bit and 12-bit 4:4:4 format when recording 2K or full HD videos.

As expected, the new Cinema EOS model supports full manual modes and it comes packed with Dual Pixel CMOS AF technology for quicker autofocusing. The Dual Pixel CMOS AF system can be used when looking through the articulated LCD screen or through the built-in electronic viewfinder.

canon-c300-mark-ii-modular Canon C300 Mark II unveiled with 15-stop dynamic range News and Reviews

Canon C300 Mark II is a modular device as it allows users to attach a WiFi adapter and a DSLR-styled grip among other accessories.

Release date scheduled for September 2015, while price details are unknown

Canon C300 Mark II features a built-in ND filter which can reduce the amount of incoming light by up to 10 stops. Another improvement has been made to the readout speed, which is two times faster than in the previous model in order to cut down rolling shutter effects.

The camcorder does not have built-in WiFi, but users can attach an external adapter to give it access to wireless networks. The EOS C300 Mark II is said to be a modular device as it allows users to attach a DSLR-like grip on it.

Its price details have not been disclosed for the time being. They will become official within the following months, as the shooter is scheduled to become available on the market in early September.

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