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Canon C300 Mark II launch event set for NAB Show 2015


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Canon will announce the EOS C300 replacement at the NAB Show 2015. The EOS C300 Mark II is rumored to come packed with numerous improvements and with 4K video recording support.

Canon began revamping its Cinema EOS line-up as of late 2014 with the introduction of the EOS C100 Mark II camcorder. All other units are expected to be substituted in the following months and the first of them will be the EOS C300.

New details about the Canon C300 Mark II have showed up on the web, indicating that the camera is coming at NAB Show 2015 this April with support for 4K videos.

canon-c300 Canon C300 Mark II launch event set for NAB Show 2015 Rumors

The Canon C300 camcorder will be replaced by the EOS C300 Mark II 4K camera around NAB Show 2015.

Canon C300 Mark II will definitely be capable of recording 4K videos

Currently, the EOS C500 is the sole Cinema EOS model capable of shooting 4K videos. The C100 and C100 Mark II can do full HD footage, while the C300 supports 2K video recording.

It appears that the Canon C300 Mark II specs list will include 4K video capturing, as a means to make this device as “future proof” as possible.

Beside 4K support, the camcorder will be future proof thanks to superior color rendition and an improved dynamic range. They will be joined by enhanced usability and extensive codec support.

Shoulder mount for the Canon C300 Mark II to be released, too

Canon will bring some new accessories to the table as well. It appears that a shoulder mount system will be released for the C300 replacement, although its price remains unknown for the time being.

Furthermore, it appears that a new Cinema lens for all EOS C-series cameras will be released soon. It will consist of a zoom lens of unknown focal length and maximum aperture.

The NAB Show 2015 will begin on April 11, so the Canon C300 Mark II launch event could take place shortly before the show’s opening day.

Real price will only be known during the Canon C300 Mark II launch event

Previously, it has been rumored to have an aggressive price tag. The C300 used to cost about $16,000 at launch, while now it is available for about $12,000 at B&H PhotoVideo.

The direct competitor to the camera will be the Sony FS7, which costs about $8,000. However, the source says that the company does not believe that the Sony FS7 is a worthy adversary, as the Canon C300 Mark II will be “better in every way” than this device.

It remains to be seen whether the C300 Mark II will be cheaper than its predecessor or if Canon truly believes that its camcorder is so much better than the FS7 that is does not need a lower price tag.

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