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Canon EOS M2 with built-in EVF might be released next year


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A new Canon EOS M camera with an integrated electronic viewfinder could become available on the market in the second half of 2014, according to Canon managing director Masaya Maeda.

Canon has recently introduced the EOS M2, the next-generation camera of its mirrorless lineup. The announcement has taken place only in Asian markets, such as Japan and China, where mirrorless cameras are selling like hot pancakes.

For the time being, one of the company’s representatives has made it clear that Canon does not have any plans to bring the EOS M2 to the United States or Europe. However, we should not rule out the expansion of the availability, yet.

Either way, the company needs to maintain a beautiful relationship with the press, therefore it has to accept giving interviews. One of the people in charge of this aspect is Masaya Maeda, managing director of Image Communication Products Operation, who has recently been interviewed by Japanese website DC Watch.

canon-eos-m2 Canon EOS M2 with built-in EVF might be released next year Rumors

Canon EOS M2 is the company’s next-generation mirrorless camera, which has just been unveiled. A model with a built-in electronic viewfinder might be released in 2014, says Masaya Maeda, the company’s managing director.

Canon rules out launch of EOS M2 with built-in EVF in 1H 2014, but anything can happen during the second half

The interview is pretty lengthy and some might not choose to read it all for various reasons, such as the fact that they do not speak Japanese and are not expecting Google Translate to do a decent job.

Either way, some of the most interesting answers provided by Canon’s Masaya Maeda reveal that the company will definitely not release a mirrorless camera with a built-in viewfinder in the first half of 2014.

Nevertheless, photographers should not rule out this device for H2 2014. The company’s managing director has revealed that a new EOS M camera with an integrated EVF might be launched in the second part of next year.

Mirrorless cameras have to be high-quality compacts with impressive photo and video capabilities

Unfortunately, Maeda has failed to hand over further details and is keeping everything else a secret. The good thing is that he has decided to speak about the direction of the EOS M lineup that could give us an idea of what it will look like in the future.

Canon’s managing director says that mirrorless cameras need to retain a compact form factor and be lightweight. As a result, this is what the company has done with the EOS M2. Furthermore, such devices need to perform greatly when it comes to both photography and videography.

Canon exploring semi-pro and professional cameras as ideas for the mirrorless segment

As for new products, it seems like the EOS M mount will get new lenses soon, while Canon is considering the launch of semi-pro and professional mirrorless shooters.

The former are badly needed and they have been one of the culprits behind the slow sales of the EOS M, while the latter could provide competition for the new Sony A7 and A7R cameras.

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