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Future Canon PowerShot waterproof camera may feature 45x lens


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Canon has patented a 45x optical zoom lens which is aimed at compact cameras and which is both waterproof and dustproof, suggesting that it could make its way into a PowerShot D-series camera sometime in the future.

A trend in compact cameras is apparently beginning to settle in: superzoom lenses. It appears that more and more manufacturers are choosing to add lenses with extended zooming capabilities into their compacts.

Canon is believed to be working on a 100x optical zoom camera, called PowerShot SX60 HS, while the same Japanese maker has big plans for its waterproof shooters.

A new patent has been leaked on the web and it is hinting at the possibility of a new Canon PowerShot D-series camera, which will feature a 45x optical zoom lens.

Canon patents waterproof 45x optical zoom lens for compact cameras with 1/2.3-inch-type sensors

canon-45x-optical-zoom-lens Future Canon PowerShot waterproof camera may feature 45x lens Rumors

This is the internal design of the Canon 45x optical zoom lens. Such lens could make its way into a PowerShot D-series waterproof camera soon.

The latest Canon patent to be leaked is describing a lens with a focal range between 4.62mm and 205mm. The optic will also offer a maximum aperture range of f/4-9, which will depend on the selected focal length.

The patent is describing a 45x optical zoom lens aimed at compact cameras with 1/2.3-inch-type image sensors. This means that it will provide a 35mm focal length equivalent of approximately 26-1156mm.

Although the maximum aperture at the telephoto end is quite slow, the fact that it will take users very close to the subject will prove to be a major selling point to a lot of travel and action photographers.

Canon PowerShot waterproof camera might be released sometime in the near future

One of the most recent Canon PowerShot D-series compact camera is the D30. It was announced earlier this year with a 12.1-megapixel image sensor and 5x optical zoom lens.

The most important trait consists of an 82-feet / 25-meter waterproof rating, so it is perfect for adventurers who enjoy scuba diving activities. The Canon PowerShot D30 camera is available at Amazon for about $330.

It is worth noting that patenting a lens does not guarantee its addition to an upcoming camera. Canon may simply be testing the waters, so it may eventually choose to completely ignore this lens.

Either way, we cannot rule out the fact that a new Canon PowerShot waterproof camera may be on its way, therefore we will have to invite you to stay tuned to our website to find out how this story unfolds.

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