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CyPhy LVL 1 Drone is the first drone for absolutely everyone


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CyPhy Works has launched a Kickstarter project for the so-called LVL 1 Drone which features a built-in camera and which is said to be the first ever drone that is suitable for “absolutely everyone”.

Robots have been in our homes for quite some time, but recently we have started to take them outside. Some of these robots designed for outdoor activities are drones with built-in cameras or which allow users to mount cameras on them in order to give you bird-like vantage points. The latest copter with a built-in camera is the CyPhy LVL 1 Drone.

The creator of the CyPhy LVL 1 Drone is a company named CyPhy Works which is led by CEO Helen Greiner. She actually knows a thing or two about robots, as she is the co-founder of iRobot, a company which has launched the Roomba vacuum cleaning robot.

Roomba creator introduces drone with built-in camera

LVL 1 Drone is said to be a copter that can film immediately after being taken out of its box. It is also a robot that can fly with ease, record videos without effort, and share the footage in an intuitive manner. As a result, it is the first ever drone designed for “absolutely everyone”.

CyPhy Works has launched this drone on Kickstarter where it is available for pre-order. If you want to check the roof of your house after a storm, to capture aerial selfies, or to simply record the beautiful landscapes where you are at, then this is the copter for you, the company says.

Moreover, the Kickstarter announcement reads that most drones are tilting when they are flying because this is how they can move forward. As a result, swaying motions are created, so cameras need to be stabilized using special mounts. However, CyPhy LVL 1 Drone comes with Level-Up technology which does not tilt the copter and which leads to stabilized videos.

The catch is that when Level-Up is enabled, the drone cannot do any rolls or loops. In order to perform aerobatic maneuvers, users will have to turn off this system and then they are ready to perform these tricks.

cyphy-lvl-1-drone CyPhy LVL 1 Drone is the first drone for absolutely everyone News and Reviews

LVL 1 Drone is a flying copter with a built-in camera developed by CyPhy Works, a company led by Roomba’s creator.

CyPhy LVL 1 Drone will provide fun, control, and worry-free flight

CyPhy Works praises the flying system of the LVL 1 Drone. Most drones are expensive and hard to fly, so this makes them easy to crash, which is something that you really do not want to happen. This copter comes with Swipe-to-Fly technology. It is available in a mobile app for smartphones and users will simply have to swipe on their device’s screen anywhere they want the drone to fly.

Capturing amazing aerial photos and videos must be accompanied by easily sharing the contest with your friends. The CyPhy LVL 1 Drone allows the users to share their photos and videos while the copter is still flying.

If you want even more security, then you should know that this copter comes with geo-fencing technology. Users can tell the drone where to fly as well as where not to fly. You can set a maximum height as well as a minimum height and you can do it even with the Level-Up technology turned off for safely doing rolls and other tricks.

The CyPhy LVL 1 Drone comes with 20 minutes of flight time, weather-resistance, 8-megapixel camera with full HD video recording, and a smart USB recharging technology. You can pre-order it right now for about $445 on Kickstarter.

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