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Diego Arroyo’s amazing portrait photos of Ethiopian tribesmen


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Photographer Diego Arroyo travels around the world in order to capture the expressive faces of people he meets, with portraits of Ethiopian tribesmen being his latest, awesome image project.

Plenty of photographers have the opportunity of traveling to places that most people cannot reach. We are often fascinated about the way of living of secluded tribes. These people manage to live in minor communities and get along with each other, far better than how the people living in modern-day communities are doing it.

Recently, we have introduced our viewers to the amazing work of Jimmy Nelson, a photographer who has traveled to numerous countries in order to document about 30 tribes “before they pass away”.

Photographer Diego Arroyo shows off outstanding portraits of Ethiopian tribesmen

His work needs to be recognized and praised, but he is not the only one who is capable of capturing stunning portraits of tribesmen. Another genius photographer is Diego Arroyo, a man also known for being an art director.

The New York-based artist has traveled to Ethiopia and has met the people living in the Omu Valley. His trip has allowed him to take photos of these folks so that he could capture all their emotions. The expressions on their faces are poetic and are sure to impress all viewers thanks to their natural looks.

Getting to know the Omu Valley people and document their lives via photography

Diego Arroyo’s kind words are also notable. The artist mentions that humans are expressing the same emotions. We are the same, but despite all that we remain unique. The photographer is aiming to catch the deepest feelings of the Omu Valley tribesmen and to learn more about their personalities.

These portraits are magical and will allow the viewers to have a better understanding of these people. However, one could not help but wonder what they were thinking when the images were taken. Well, perhaps looking deep into your soul will provide the answers.

Whatever the results, there is no denying that Arroyo has done a fantastic job in “documenting” the tribesmen’s emotions and we can only look forward to his next projects.

“Ethiopia One” is one of the most inspiring projects of recent times

The entire set of photos has been named “Ethiopia One”. All images are available at the photographer’s official website, where the fans can also learn more about him.

Should you enjoy his photography, and there are no reasons not to, Diego Arroyo provides a couple of links where anybody can buy his prints.

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