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DxO One lens-style camera to be announced on June 18


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DxO will expand its business and will introduce a lens-style camera, called DxO One, that can be attached to iOS smartphones on June 18.

DxO Labs is a company better known for its Optics Pro software and for its extensive lens and image sensor tests. Soon enough, this company will become a product manufacturer as it will announce the DxO One smartphone camera module.

The rumor mill has managed to get a hold of a few teasers and a press release that are inviting photographers to see “the new shape of photography”. The official announcement event will take place on June 18 and the lens-style camera will be compatible with iOS smartphones and tablets.

dxo-one-teaser DxO One lens-style camera to be announced on June 18 Rumors

“The new shape of photography” teasers were aimed at previewing the DxO One lens-style camera. DxO Labs will announce the device on June 18.

DxO Labs set to reveal the DxO One lens-style camera on June 18

The new shape of photography consists of the DxO One lens-style camera that will take on Sony’s QX-series modules. The image sensor may well be made by Sony itself as it is a 1-inch-type model with 20.2-megapixels, which can be found in many of the PlayStation maker’s digital imaging devices.

The maximum aperture of the smartphone camera module is said to stand at f/1.8, while the maximum shutter speed is set at 1/8000s. The upcoming camera will be able to capture full HD videos at 30fps and to connect to an iOS smartphone or tablet via the USB lightning connector instead of WiFi or NFC.

It is rumored that the DxO One can be attached to an iPhone, but not to an iPad. However, it will be compatible with both of them and the mobile devices can be used in Live View mode and for inputting the exposure settings.

The new lens-style camera measures less than three inches in height, while weighing under four ounces. This way, the device can be carried in your pocket and it will not become a burden.

DxO One to retail for $599 as of July 2015

The leaked press release reveals that the DxO One will feature a 11.9mm lens that will offer a 35mm equivalent of about 32mm. The module features a 2-stage shutter button with an OLED screen for the settings.

It is said that the ISO sensitivity will range between 100 and 51,200, while the shutter speed will stand between 1/8000s and 15 seconds. This lens-style camera will be capable of shooting .DNG photos as well as JPEG files.

The availability details are included in the rumors. The DxO One will cost $599, a price that includes the DxO FilmPack and DxO Optics Pro software, and will begin shipping within the next three weeks.

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