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Exporting Photos from Lightroom to a Facebook Business Page


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Exporting Photos from Lightroom to a Facebook Business Page

You probably already know how to export photos from Lightroom to your personal Facebook page, right?  But do you know that you can also export directly from Lightroom to your Facebook business page?

Combined with our Display It Presets for Web, exporting to your Facebook business page makes a super easy way to share sneak peaks, before & after edits, and portfolio photos.

So how does this work?

In order to export from Lightroom to your Facebook business page, you need to install a new plug-in.  Start by downloading and installing Jeffrey Friedl’s Facebook plugin.  His instructions on installing the plugin and configuring it to communicate with your Facebook page are excellent – I will present a very short overview here, but please read his information for detailed help and support.

You’ll start by downloading the plug-in, unzipping it, and saving it to a location on your website that you normally backup.

Within Lightroom, go to the File Menu and select Plug-in Manager.

access-plugin-manager Exporting Photos from Lightroom to a Facebook Business Page Lightroom Presets Lightroom Tutorials

Click the Add button at the lower left corner, navigate to the location of this new plug-in file, and install it.

You will see this on your plug-in manager after installation:

Next, you’ll need to connect this plugin to your Facebook account.  In Lightroom’s Library module, look for the Publishing Services panel at the lower left corner and click on the plus sign.  Select “Edit Settings” for the JF Facebook plug-in.  Note that this isn’t the same as the Facebook plug-in the comes with Lightroom.

You’ll be prompted in this dialog to connect to Facebook and choose the business page that you’d like your exports to appear on.  Note that you can only export to business pages that you administrate.  You can also configure export size, sharpening and watermarks here.

To export to Facebook, return to the Publish Services dialog and open the jf Facebook folder by clicking on the arrow.  Drag the photo or photos you want to export into this folder and click the Publish button when you’re ready.

If everything is configured correctly, you should see your photos on Facebook almost instantly.

Please note that this is a free plug-in, but Jeffrey Friedl has worked very hard creating, perfecting and supporting it. After using the tool for 6 weeks, you will be limited to uploading 10 images at a time unless you make a gift of any amount to Jeffrey via Paypal. You can make this gift from within Lightroom’s plug-in manager.


Integrating the Facebook Business Page Export with MCP’s Display It

With MCP’s Display It for Web, you create your own web-sized storyboards from within Lightroom.  Whether you want a collage with multiple photos, a single photo, or even a before & after display, Display It makes the process as simple as clicking and dragging in your Print module.

As you can see from the image below, I used Display It to create a quick Valentine’s Day card to post on my Facebook wall.  Using the Horizontal Color Block Bottom preset for one photo, I dragged my photo into the template and customized the background color, border and caption.

I export this perfectly sized, sharpened and branded photo to a folder I created previously on my desktop called Template Exports.



Returning to the Library module, I right click on this Template Exports folder to synchronize it and bring the new file into my catalog.

After synchronizing, I simply drag this new file into my JF Facebook collection and publish.

After editing your photo, using Display It and the JF Facebook plugin, you can have perfectly sized, sharpened and watermarked images on your Facebook business page in less than one minute.  How’s that for efficiency?


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  1. Dave Cearley on September 12, 2012 at 9:44 pm

    FYI, LinkedIn now offers business profile pages, and excellent vehicle if you sell BtoB

  2. Jason on March 4, 2015 at 5:08 pm

    Social media is an invaluable tool towards business now a days.

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