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Fujitsu announces new image sensor which can measure pulse in real-time


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Fujitsu has developed a new type of image sensors for smartphones, tablets, and PCs, which could detect a person’s heart rate in five seconds or less.

In recent times, scientists have tried to come up with new ways of monitoring the health of people with known heart issues. Most health-monitoring devices are too big to carry around, while some do not even buy them because they are very expensive.

This is why more companies have tried to make use of the image sensors found in conventional smartphones and tablets. As a result, image sensors found in mobile devices could soon have implications in the health industry.

Fujitsu has announced the development of a real-time pulse monitor, which could be embedded into webcams found in regular PCs, smartphones, and tablets.

fujitsu-image-sensor-pulse-monitor Fujitsu announces new image sensor which can measure pulse in real-time News and Reviews

Fujitsu’s image sensor can act as a real-time pulse monitor. It can calculate the pulse rate with ease using variation in the brightness of the face.

Fujitsu’s new image sensor can calculate the pulse rate using changes in a person’s face brightness

The new image sensor is able to detect the pulse of a person by calculating the brightness variation of a person’s face. The company said that the brightness on someone’s face is given by the blood flow, therefore they can measure the pulse, without the use of another special hardware.

The camera software can track the hemoglobin in blood, which can absorb green light. The pulse can be monitored in real-time and with ease by pointing the camera at someone’s face for up to five seconds.

Fujitsu also confirmed that the image sensor can measure irrelevant data, when the subject is laughing or not standing still. However, if the person stands still, then the image sensor always calculates the pulse in an accurate manner.

Pulse data can be stored in the cloud for later viewing

Fujitsu’s pulse reader will allow users to monitor their health at home, at work, or while they are on the go. The data can be collected and easily stored in the cloud.

The company believes that the pulse monitoring through facial imaging technology will reduce the need of having specialized equipment, as this new technique is very advanced.

According to the company, users can set their webcams to monitor their pulse throughout the day. Smartphone cameras can already detect movement, so Fujitsu’s image sensor will be able to automatically acquire pulse data while the person is relaxing or standing still – all they have to do is point the camera at their faces.

The press release says that the technology is ready for use. Fujitsu is looking to kickstart the mass-production of these sensors and use them in a variety of health applications by the end of the 2013 fiscal year.

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