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Giotto’s tripods get 30% slimmer than previous ones


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Giotto’s has launched its brand new design tripods that enable users to save up to 30% more space than the previous series.

giottos_2way_tripod Giotto's tripods get 30% slimmer than previous ones News and Reviews

Tripods are considered essential pieces of equipment by a lot of photographers. Companies which design them have a hard task though, as tripods are always in a catch-22: they have to be heavy enough so that winds do not knock them down, strong enough so that they do not break easily, but at the same time they need to be lightweight and compact enough so that they can be carried around with ease.

One manufacturer which provides successfully combines the best of both worlds is Giotto’s. It is one of the biggest tripod maker in the world. The company is known for its high-end tripods that a lot of photographers crave for, thanks to their build quality.

The manufacturer is launching new gear every once in a while and this is the case right now. There are a dozen new tripods, all added to a brand new series. They are aimed at all types of customers and they will become available on the market in the near future.

According to Giotto’s website, the twelve new Silk Road YTL Series tripods are going to replace the MTL series tripods, launched in 2008.

The new models are constructed out of aluminum (YTL9xxx) or carbon fiber (YTL8xxx) in order to be both lightweight and deliver structural resistance and stability. The Silk Road YTL tripods support 5kg (YTLXxx5x), 8kg (YTLxx8x) and 10 kg (YTLxx1x) of camera equipment weight.

They feature a newly patented Y-shaped central column that keeps the legs packed closer. The tripods also feature a swappable tripod thread – 3/8” or 1/4”, making them compatible with any Giotto’s or other manufacturer’s head models. They also deliver extras like a short center column or spiked tripod feet endings.giottos_pattented_design Giotto's tripods get 30% slimmer than previous ones News and Reviews

The new range features graduated leg markings and Quick Easy Leg (QEL) Lock adjustments. QEL offers accurate adjustment while staying focused on the subject. The two way center column models (YTL92xx and YTL82xx) have a built-in bubble spirit level.

For more demanding photographers, Giotto’s made three-axis center column tripods (YTL93xx and YTL83xx) that include a low angle adapter. The tripods come in two-legs section versions: 3-section (YTLXXX3) and 4-section (YTLXXX4) builds. The carbon-fiber YTL8xxx builds are made from high quality 8-layered carbon fiber, to reduce weight.

The prices start from £100 for the entry-level aluminum YTL9253 tripod and £220 for the carbon fiber YTL8253 model.

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