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How to Photograph Couples of All Ages


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Documenting the lives of people in love, regardless of their age, is a precious and fulfilling task. In addition to witnessing true happiness, you get to work with two enthusiastic models. This is perfect for artists who love working with multiple subjects without getting overwhelmed. It’s also ideal for those who want to prepare for photographing larger events – like weddings – by familiarizing themselves with the art of photographing relationships.

Unlike single portrait sessions, couple photoshoots require more attention and instruction. This is a blessing for artists who enjoy experimenting with different poses, expressions, and points of view. It’s also a blessing in general because of how comfortable both subjects are in each other’s presence. When two people are in love, you’re less likely to experience awkward moments or shyness.

If any of these points appeal to you, this article will teach you how to take heartwarming photos of couples. Whether your subjects are 50 years old or in their teens, the tips below will help you capture true love at its purest.

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Get to Know Their Story

Getting to know your subjects is beneficial for two reasons:

  • Knowing more about them will give you more ideas and inspiration. You’ll be able to come up with personalized concepts for their shoot. For instance, if the couple share a love for outdoor activities, you could photograph them playing in a tranquil park during golden hour.
  • Your subjects will get to know your personal and creative sides. They’ll understand your personality better, which will give them more room to feel comfortable throughout the shoot. Once they see you as a friend, their relationship will naturally glow in front of your lens.

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Shoot in a Location Familiar to Them

Ask your clients what their favourite locations are. If there’s a place which they both consider significant and enjoyable, consider taking photos there. It could be the place where they first met, a location they enjoy spending time in, or simply an area they both find beautiful. Shooting in a location familiar to the couple will add a unique touch to your results and make your subjects feel at home.

carly-rae-hobbins-331349 How to Photograph Couples of All Ages Photography Tips

Don’t Be Afraid of Funny Outtakes

Romance doesn’t need to consist of specific expressions. Spontaneous moments are your best friends. Make sure the couple knows that they don’t always have to look a certain way. Let them know that spontaneity will provide them with the best possible photos. If you embrace that, you won’t be afraid of silly or awkward moments – if one of your subjects gets surprised or pulls a face, document it! While they may not like every shot, they’ll definitely find a few precious gems amongst the outtakes.

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Remember That Posing Isn’t Always Necessary

Your subjects don’t have to consult your posing guide all the time. While tips and clear instructions will benefit you greatly, they won’t give you the full creative freedom you deserve. Instead of thinking about your subjects’ next move, find moments between shots when the couple exchanges a sweet look, hugs, crosses the road, observes something, or moves to another location. Allow yourself to freely photograph those moments. While they won’t be as funny as your outtakes, they’ll certainly provide you with more images to add to your diverse portfolio. You’ll feel creatively satisfied, too, as there’s nothing better than a truly authentic photograph.

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Don’t Forget the Details

Keep your photos unique by paying attention to details. You don’t want to constantly photograph your subjects’ faces. Instead, photograph details like accessories, clothing, hair, and so on. Without your help, these details could be easily forgotten in a few years. Capturing them will be your way of preserving precious items and moments for your clients. What a valuable gift that is, dear reader!

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Documenting true love is not only creatively satisfying, but emotionally fulfilling. Once you get to know your clients, you’ll find it easy to photograph their relationship. Just remember to embrace authenticity, give spontaneity a chance to enter the picture, and have fun. Sooner than later, you’ll be an expert at all three.

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