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Innovative Nikon modular lens system patented in Japan


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Nikon may be working on a modular lens system, which would allow photographers to change the contents of their lens after their own liking.

There is not secret that the profits of digital camera makers have dropped considerably in recent years. Although some folks are still denying this, one of the main reasons why sales are going down is the rise of smartphones.

A lot of consumers say that there is no reason to buy a dedicated camera, which is expensive as well as too big to fit in a pocket, while the costs are not worthwhile.

Thankfully, there is still room for innovation and Sony has been pushing the boundaries since the introduction of the Alpha-series of E-mount mirrorless cameras with full frame image sensors.

Industry watchers are aware of modular systems because some companies, such as Ricoh, have tried their luck in this department. This would lead to true innovation and it seems like Nikon gets it, albeit it may attempt a different approach.

According to a leaked patent, a Nikon modular lens system is in development and it would allow users to change the pieces of their lenses.

nikon-modular-lens-system Innovative Nikon modular lens system patented in Japan Rumors

This is the patent for the Nikon modular lens system. Users will be able to interchange lens barrels in the future, if Nikon manages to pull this one off.

Nikon modular lens system patent shows that users will be able to change the parts of their lenses in the future

Creating a modular lens system would not be easy, but Nikon has demonstrated that it is possible through a patent. In the patent, which was filed on June 5, 2013, the Japanese company has proven that you can interchange two or more barrels to create the lens that would suit a photographer’s needs.

A sketch of the patent shows that multiple barrels can be joined together and that they can communicate with one another. This means that, when attached to a camera, light will get to a camera’s sensor and a photo will be captured.

nikon-modular-lens-parts Innovative Nikon modular lens system patented in Japan Rumors

This is an example of case where photographers will carry the parts for their Nikon modular lens system.

One thing that is mentioned in the patent is that the Nikon modular lens system will include a “main group”, which needs to be a part of the lens at all times. This indispensable group will read and transmit important information, such as aperture and focus distance to the camera.

The system would probably have some sort of limitation in order to maximize image quality, but it is definitely an interesting concept. Its bigger role would be to show the rest of the world that digital imaging innovation is still possible.

At the end of the day, do not hold your breath over the possibility of seeing the Nikon modular lens system being launched anytime soon, but stay tuned in case the contrary happens.

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