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I love my iPhone.   Many photographers I know have an iPhone.  And based on the amount of iPhone apps under the photography section of the iTunes store, clearly people want to use their iPhone for taking/editing photos or even as a photographer’s tool.  A while back, I did a top 10 iPhone apps list.  Well the minute you publish a list like that it gets outdated.  I wanted to do another, but there are far too many apps for one person to know what is available.  So I am hoping all my fellow readers/iPhone users will come post to the comment section of my blog or Facebook Fan Page and help me compile a list I can share in a week or two.

photos-hardware-05-20090608-600x358 iPhone apps for photographers | the collaboration MCP Collaboration

What are your favorite photography apps?

Please leave the following information so I can organize this list when I post it:

  • Name of the app
  • Description of the app
  • How would you rate it – scale of 1-5 (5 being best) – what do you like and dislike about it
  • Which category does it fall into:
    • helps in taking pictures on the iPhone
    • helps in editing pictures on the iPhone
    • gives advice/tutorials on on photography or photoshop
    • photographer’s portfolio
    • great social media app for photographers to connect
    • great business tool to help photographers
    • other: write what category you would put it in
  • Write anything else you feel would be helpful for me to include when I publish the article


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