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Jessops outlet opening in London this week, along with online store


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Jessops is set to launch its website, along with a physical store in the center of London, UK, by the end of the week.

Jessops has entered into administration at the beginning of the year. In January 2013, the company has been forced to file for bankruptcy protection, in order to save whatever was left of the company.

PricewaterhouseCoopers has been elected as the retailer’s administrator. Shortly after that, the company has managed to find itself a buyer, in the person of British TV personality, Peter Jones CBE.

Things started to get better for Jessops as it has been officially revealed that the brand will live on as an online website. Unfortunately, the fate of the 1,500 people who had lost their jobs, following the closure of 187 stores, remained unknown.

However, things are about to change in the near future.

jessops-store-opening-rumor Jessops outlet opening in London this week, along with online store Rumors

Jessops is preparing to open a physical store by the end of this week. The confirmation comes from an inside source, who claims that 28 other stores will be inaugurated in the near future.

First physical Jessops store to open after entering administration

According to inside sources, at least one store will be opened this week, alongside the online store. The shop is located at 129-131 Oxford Street, London, in the center of the UK capital.

Moreover, people have reported that they have seen activity at the site. The report says that one man was wearing clothing branded with the Jessops tag, while other people were spotted inside the store while unpacking accessories.

Online shop close to its official opening

For the time being, the company has not officially announced the launch date of the online website. This means that it would have been very unlikely for Jessops’ officials to confirm the reopening of a physical store, since the already announced that the online shop has not been scheduled for an inauguration date.

Even so, the source seems fairly confident that a new Jessops store will open its doors for customers by the end of the week, in order to “catch” the long Easter weekend, which represents a very busy period for UK shoppers.

Many other stores to open very soon

The rumors do not end here, as it is speculated that more than 28 Jessops stores are in the process of being restocked with digital imaging products. The outlets are said to open within weeks and one store is said to be located in St Albans, Hertfordshire.

More information will be revealed soon, when it becomes clear whether the rumors were true or not.

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