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Kelby releases world’s first Lightroom exclusive magazine


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Kelby Media Group and the National Association of Photoshop Professionals have teamed up to produce the first ever digital magazine about professional usage of Adobe Lightroom.

Ever since the dawn of photography, photographers have been forced to post-process their shots. It has been a while since we entered the digital era. However, images still need to be processed in order to repair minor or major flaws.

Photographers shooting RAW images are usually post-processing them with the help of Adobe Lightroom. This software offers a lot of impressive functions that can bring out the best from anyone’s shots.

A big issue is that not too many people are enjoying this procedure, but they still have to do it in order to make them look as good as the ones captured by other photographers. If they find it hard to learn Lightroom or if they want to raise their efficiency, then they can get help from none other than Scott Kelby.

The Kelby Media Group has just announced the Lightroom Magazine, which will be filled with tips and tricks for photographers. The magazine has been created with the help of the National Association of Photoshop Professionals, who wants to teach people how to use Lightroom as professionals.

lightroom-magazine-cover Kelby releases world's first Lightroom exclusive magazine News and Reviews

The cover of the first issue of the Adobe Photoshop Lightroom How-To Magazine.

From the pros to future pros: the first magazine that teaches people how to use Lightroom

Lightroom Magazine is the first Adobe Photoshop “How-to” magazine that incorporates columns and articles from the industry’s top experts. It is written exclusively for Adobe Photoshop Lightroom users.

The magazine delivers tips and tricks and step by step tutorials about the software’s Library, Develop and Book modules. Its 60+ pages reveal not only written tutorials, but also “how-to” videos, before and after video tuts, plug-ins, and more.

The digital magazine came as a response to the important role the post-processing software plays in a photographer’s toolkit. The developers comment:

“A while back we realized that Lightroom has become the go-to program for photographers. Up until now, we’ve always included a section on Lightroom in our print magazine, Photoshop User. But after seeing just how passionate people are about Lightroom, we realized it needs its own magazine app.”

Lightroom Magazine’s first issue number is free to download as an iPad app. The next releases will cost $4.99 and back issues and current issues will be available for purchase within the application.

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