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Kenko Tokina 16-28mm T3.0 cine lens officially unveiled


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Kenko Tokina has launched its first ever cinema lens in the body of the 16-28mm T3.0, which is a remake of the photography-bound AT-X 16-28mm f/2.8 Pro FX zoom optic.

More and more photographers are getting fascinated by videography. Canon’s latest cameras are coming packed with serious video capabilities, while Zeiss and Samyang are providing a lot of cine lenses to help users on their road to becoming professional videographers.

Those who enjoy capturing videos with their cameras have one more reason for joy. The Kenko Tokina 16-28mm T3.0 cine lens has just been announced and it promises a lot of good things.

kenko-tokina-16-28mm-t3.0 Kenko Tokina 16-28mm T3.0 cine lens officially unveiled News and Reviews

Kenko Tokina 16-28mm T3.0 is now official in ARRIL PL and Canon EF versions. The optic goes on sale this month for ARRI owners, while Canon users will have to wait until November.

Kenko Tokina 16-28mm T3.0 cine lens announced with ARRI PL and Canon EF mount support

Kenko Tokina provides a lower-cost solution to photographers. It is one of the most popular third-party accessory manufacturers. The latest 16-28mm T3.0 cinema lens is actually a revamped version of the AT-X 16-28mm f/2.8 Pro FX optic.

The wide-angle zoom lens is available for Canon and Nikon cameras, while its cinema version comes with support for ARRI PL and Canon EF mounts.

The Japanese company has not revealed whether users should expect different models, but if you own another camera, then you should not hold your breath over it.

Manual focus ring is present on the 16-28mm T3.0 cinema lens

Kenko Tokina 16-28mm T3.0 cine lens is made out of 15 elements divided in 13 groups. The lens is covered in a multilayer coating to reduce flare and ghosting.

The aperture is made out of nine blades. Speaking of which, the brightness ranges between T3.0 and T22. The optic boasts a filter size of 112mm and its length stands at 144mm.

According to the manufacturer, the lens is capable of focusing at a distance of just 28 centimeters. Speaking of focusing, the new 16-28mm optic features a manual focus ring, but autofocus is not supported, which is not weird as this is a cine lens.

ARRI PL 16-28mm T3.0 model coming by the end of this month

Kenko Tokina will release the 16-28mm T3.0 cinema lens for ARRI PL cameras by the end of September. Canon EOS camera owners are not so lucky as PL-mount users, as their version will be released sometime in November.

The lens is expected to be priced at less than $6,000. In the meantime, the AT-X Pro FX 16-28mm for Canon cameras is available for $699 at Amazon, while the Nikon model costs $856.22 through the same retailer.

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