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Kurt Russell and Panasonic G4K smile together for the camera


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The Panasonic G4K camera has been leaked on the web, posing for a photo alongside actor Kurt Russell on gimbal-maker Defy’s official Facebook page.

Panasonic has already announced that it is developing a Micro Four Thirds camera capable of recording videos at 4K resolution. The company has also confirmed that the device will become available on the market soon for a price under $2,000.

For many weeks, it has been believed that the shooter will retail under the name of Panasonic GH 4K. However, the rumor mill has managed to grab a hold of information that suggests the Panasonic G4K tag will be used when it becomes available on the market.

Panasonic G4K camera poses for a photo along with actor Kurt Russell

panasonic-g4k-kurt-russell Kurt Russell and Panasonic G4K smile together for the camera Rumors

Panasonic G4K and Kurt Russell posing together for a nice photo on Defy’s Facebook page. The camera will be unveiled on February 7.

As more specs have showed up online, a company which manufactures video stabilizers, called Defy, has posted a very interesting photo on its official Facebook page. The image consists of the renowned actor Kurt Russell, the Defy G2 gimbal, and a Panasonic camera that starts with a “G” and rhymes with “4K”.

Everybody knows that the hinted at camera is the upcoming Panasonic G4K. This is a rather unusual leak, as Panasonic would not usually allow one of its partners (in this case, Defy) to post photos of its products all over the internet.

Kurt Russell may be filming a new commercial or even a new movie at 4K resolution, while Defy is helping the producers to stabilize their footage with their gimbals.

We will probably hear more during the launch of the Panasonic G4K and we should be thankful for this photo of the camera, for the time being.

More Panasonic G4K specs leaked ahead of camera’s February 7 launch

Getting back to the rumor mill, the new Panasonic 4K video camera will be powered by a quad-core processor and a new 16-megapixel Micro Four Thirds sensor. The latter has been optimized for video recording and will manage to dissipate heat faster than the company’s conventional 16MP sensors.

Additionally, the image sensor comes with 50% quicker reading when compared to the GH3, therefore the rolling shutter should be less prominent in the upcoming device.

The highest bitrate stands at 200Mbps via ALL-I and 100Mbps via IPB mode, respectively. When recording at 4K resolution, videos are captured in MOV and MP4, while full HD taping also brings AVCHD support.

It is rumored that the Panasonic G4K will be able to shoot 1920 x 1080 movies at up to 120fps. Focus Peaking is another “confirmed” specification of the camera, which will pack a lot of AF points.

Built-in WiFi will allow users to watch the action from a smartphone, although XLR and dual 3G SDI output will be supported, too. The launch event is set for February 7, so make sure you stay tuned to Camyx!

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