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Kylli Sparre’s amazing surreal photos of ballet dancers


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Photographer Kylli Sparre creates symbolistic art by capturing photos of subjects posing as ballet dancers in surreal environments.

There is one thing that nobody will be able to take it from you: the ability to dream. Humans will always dream about something and hope that their life goals will become a reality at some point in the future. We like to think that people hope for the best, not for the worst, therefore we will not focus on bad things or people.

Kylli Sparre has been yearning to become a professional ballet dancer since her childhood. Moreover, she has dedicated several years of her life training to become one. However, as years went by, the training and studies finally ended.

Unfortunately, she has come to realize that ballet is not the road she wants to take in life. Ballet was just not for her, but this decision did not mean that she would put a stop to her creativity. Thankfully, Sparre got really attached to photography and unleashed her creative mind.

Kylli Sparre captures surreal photos of women ballet dancers

After realizing that ballet is still one of her passions, Sparre has decided that something good can come out of combining this dance with photography. The result consists of amazing symbolistic imagery with subjects standing in ballet-like poses.

In order to turn her work into truly surreal photos, the shots have had to go through a thorough manipulation process, but everything represents the thoughts of the author.

Inspiration comes from ballet and the symbolistic cultural movement

Kylli Sparre admits that photography is her main passion now. The artist is very glad that she has discovered this art, which allows her to express herself properly.

The photographer adds that everything that you can see in her photos is a part of her “thoughts, observations, and experiences”. All images are either “surreal, dreamlike, or symbolistic”.

These self-descriptions are not too far from the truth and Sparre has all the rights to include herself on a long list of great symbolists, such as Charles Baudelaire, Paul Verlaine, and Arthur Rimbaud.

Do not judge a book by its cover, just take a closer look “beneath the surface”

Symbolism has started as a negative reaction to realism. Sparre claims that she is aiming to reveal what is “beneath the surface” as well as the unspoken words, whereas realism tends to avoid both the supernatural and the artificial.

This is why her images are digitally manipulated: they need to express the surrealism of the relationship between humans and the often-ignored surroundings.

Kylli Sparre has an official website where she is keeping her photos; the perfect place to order some amazing prints.

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