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Leica X3 concept camera looks like a cutting-edge lens


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Designer Vincent Säll has revealed an interesting project which consists of a Leica X3 concept, a camera inspired by the color wheel.

Technology advancements have allowed humanity to go from seeing moving pictures in a camera obscura all the way to taking  320-gigapixel panoramic photos. Such a thing would not have been possible if it were not for people with brilliant ideas whom we like to call “artists”.

Leica X3 concept camera is different, but in a good way

Vincent Säll is also an artist and we could say that he is a very good one. The Sweden-based designer unveiled his Leica X3 project, which consists of a camera concept that will redefine the looks of future digital cameras.

His inspiration comes from the popular color wheel, while the conventional monocle also brought its contribution to the concept.

Smartphone + camera = love

The Leica X3 combines the advantages of a smartphone with the abilities of regular digital cameras. The camera is pretty small, being the size of a lens. It can automatically send a photo to a smartphone, tablet, or any computer which is compatible with Bluetooth technology.

In Vincent’s vision, the Leica X3 camera features a “traditional” viewfinder and controls for the most important settings, such as aperture, ISO, and shutter speed.

All camera settings will be displayed on the viewfinder. However, photographers can also use an external device, like a smartphone or tablet, as a viewfinder, in order to see the bigger picture.

The concept also mentions a removable strap screw, which can make room for a tripod, allowing photographers to take better still pictures.

The camera can be wirelessly charged using inductive charging technology

Vincent Säll says that Leica X3’s batteries will be rechargeable through the inductive charging technique, meaning that users simply have to place the camera on a special stand.

The concept was designed independently, without any prior agreement with Leica. This means that we will not see this camera on the market anytime soon, but digital imaging manufacturers should take a closer look at the Leica X3 concept, in order to make Vincent’s dream come true.

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