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Lomography Diana F+ Instant Camera unveiled and released


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Lomography has announced its first all-in-one photography solution in the body of the Diana F+ Instant camera, a device which captures images directly on Fujifilm Instax Mini film.

Lomography has previously sold a Diana F+ camera which required an instant back in order to work.

Today, the company has decided to provide a solution that removes the need of a camera back, by integrating it into a new shooter. Without further introduction, the Lomography Diana F+ Instant Camera is now official and it features a built-in instax back.

diana-f-instant-camera Lomography Diana F+ Instant Camera unveiled and released News and Reviews

Diana F+ Instant Camera has just been announced by Lomography, as an all-in-one instant camera capable of capturing photos on the popular Fujifilm Instax Mini film.

Lomography announces its first all-in-one Diana F+ Instant Camera

It is reminiscent of the Holgaroid, which consists of a Holga shooter with an instant back. However, the new Diana F+ has its own back that works with Fujifilm Instax Mini film.

The company says that this is its first all-in-one instant camera. It is here to help people capture photos in an instant, without having to process the film manually.

Lomography Diana F+ Instant Camera captures soft-focus images as well as amazing portraits, thanks to a close-up lens, which is found in the package and can be attached to the device.

Lomography Diana F+ Instant Camera can be used as a pinhole camera

The feature list of the Lomography Diana F+ Instant Camera includes only two shutter speeds. “N” is for regular daytime shots and “B” is aimed at nighttime photography.

Multiple exposures are supported, allowing users to shoot without changing the frame.

If users do not like lenses at all, then they will be able to remove them entirely and leave only a pinhole in front of the camera.

Medium format back to be included in the $139 package

For the times when the regular instax back is not enough to satisfy your photography needs, Lomography has added a medium format back in the package. It is the same model as the one found in the conventional Diana F+.

The total cost of the Diana F+ Instant Camera and all the accessories is $139 in the US and €129 in Europe.

Lomography has confirmed that photographers can further their experience by purchasing other lenses and accessories from its website.

The Instant Camera model is compatible with all Diana F+ products, including a 38mm super-wide lens among others.

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