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LumoPro LP180 quad-sync manual flash announced with new design


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The LumoPro LP180 quad-sync manual flash has been officially announced with multiple design and feature improvements when compared to its predecessors.

LumoPro is the go-to company of many photographers looking for versatile flash guns. The new LP180 quad-sync manual flash is here to build on that reputation and to add even more features to an already adaptable product.

lumopro-lp180 LumoPro LP180 quad-sync manual flash announced with new design News and Reviews

LumoPro LP180 is a quad-sync manual flash with a new design and features, including 1/4-20 mount thread.

LumoPro LP180 quad-sync manual flash becomes official with 1/4-20 mounting thread and high-voltage battery port

The LumoPro LP180 comes packed with a new 1/4-20 thread and a high-voltage port for more potent batteries, which provide longer battery life and faster recycling times. Other new features include an audible tone and a power adjustment of 1/3-stop.

The product’s new design means that users will be able to attach the quad-sync manual flash to a swivel with ease. Light stands will work just fine and, since a lot of photographers have one or two lying around, they will not have to make any separate purchases.

LumoPro offers built-in diffuser, color effect gels, and a 1-second recycling time using high-voltage battery

The flash supports a 4-second recycling time with regular batteries. However, the aforementioned high-voltage port allows lensmen to attach a more potent battery, which is useful in longer photo shoots, while providing faster recycling times of only 1-second.

LumoPro also reduces the need of buying other accessories. A gel slot is available on the LP180 quad-sync manual flash and the package includes several color effect gels, providing better control over the color of the flash.

The company says that the integrated wide-angle diffuser also provides improved control over the amount of light output by the LumoPro LP180.

LumoPro to release LP180 on July 16 for $199.99

The quad-sync manual flash reveals that the product can be connected to a camera using four options. The list consists of a 3.5mm miniphone jack, optical slave, conventional PC port, and a hot shoe mount.

LumoPro LP180 can be tilted by up to 90 degrees, while its swiveling angle supports 180-degree to both right and left. Another notable feature is the addition of an LCD screen which could be useful in low-light environments.

Either way, the LumoPro LP180 release date is July 16 for a price of $199.99. Availability details depend on location, but more information can be found at the company’s official website.

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