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Lynny Lens pulled from sale


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Lynny Lens have had to remove their “squishy” product from sale, due to legal issues.

lynny-lens-main Lynny Lens pulled from sale News and Reviews

Lynny Lens removed from sale

It seems that last year’s sensation will not be greeting guests from the shelves anymore, since Lynny Lens had to remove their flexible product from sale, as the company announced on their web page.

From DIY to commercial

Lynny Lens made its appearance in November 2012 as a commercial product, but it initially started as a Do It Yourself project. After creating the lens as a DYI, Cameron Texter started thinking about putting the product on market as an accessory for Nikon and Canon. The inventor thought of doing so from scratch, with the help of donations.

The “squishy”, flexible rubber exterior made it a fun product to handle, as it allowed the user to control blur and focus by tilting, pushing or pulling the lens to and from the camera. This created effects that no longer needed the resort to photo editing. Texter advertised that “the Lynny will be your tool to get creative, artistic, and truly amazing photos, without all the time and effort of using photo editing software, no matter how easy or hard it is. It’s easier to me, to get the desired effect the first time, with one press of a button – that button being the shutter button on an SLR camera. That’s why I created the Lynny, so you don’t have to do the post processing.”

Lynny-Lens33417_1360162542 Lynny Lens pulled from sale News and Reviews

Soft, dreamlike effect created by Lynny Lens

The product seemed like a fun, easy to use product, just perfect for the photographers who wanted to give pleasant effects to their shots, and the fact that it had made it into a commercial product shows that it had plenty of support. So what went wrong?

Lynny Lens vs. Lensbaby

Fun and, why not, affordable? Sure. But let’s not forget the fact that it wasn’t the first product of this kind on the market. Lensbaby is a company noted for their bending lens, so after the release of Lynny Lens, the question of whether or not it was a copy of Lensbaby was raised.

On their website, Lynny Lens stated that the decision to remove the product from sale was taken because of the legal implications between them and “the products which carry the same design feature, which have been patented as such”, a clear reference to Lensbaby. Even though it had the same features as the products of the aforementioned company, Lynny Lens claim that they did not intend to copy Lensbaby, but that it was only the way things evolved, from the moment when Lynny Lens was in the project phase.

Lynny Lens are not discouraged by this event, stating that they are planning to return with other lenses. “But what has not killed me, and has made me stronger, is enough encouragement to keep the light at the end of the tunnel shining, now ever more brighter, for the Lynny Lenses, and other future lenses and products”, the company declares on their website.

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