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Lytro Android-powered light-field camera coming in Q3 2014


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Lytro is rumored to be working on an Android-powered camera that will be announced and released sometime in the next quarter.

When you think about light-field photography, the first thought that comes to mind is Lytro. The company has brought light-field technology to the masses with its first camera, which was revealed in 2011 and released in early 2012.

The company has made newer products in recent times and it seems like it is aiming to expand even further. According to a highly-reliable source, a Lytro Android-powered light-field camera is in development and will become available in Q3 2014.

lytro-illum Lytro Android-powered light-field camera coming in Q3 2014 Rumors

Lytro Illum is a new light-field camera that allows photographers to take a photo and set the focus later. An Android-powered light-field camera made by Lytro is said to be in the works and to be announced in Q3 2014.

Lytro Android-powered light-field camera coming in Q3 2014

The source is none other than “evleaks”, a Twitter account that seems to be spilling the beans when it comes to all future mobile devices. Smartphones and tablets have been the main focus of evleaks, but the person behind this Twitter account has recently received exciting details about everything related to technology.

Usually, everything that evleaks is claiming becomes a reality and it would be hard to find the last thing that this person has turned out to be fake.

Either way, evleaks’ next target is the camera industry. Its sources are very reliable and they are claiming that Lytro is working on a new light-field camera that will run on Android OS.

The version of the operating system has not been mentioned, nor the specs of the shooter. However, it is said that it will be announced as well as released during the third quarter of the year.

It appears that the most likely launch timeframe is September 2014, so it would not be a surprise if Lytro were to join the Photokina 2014 event in Germany.

Lytro Illum is company’s latest light-field camera

Lytro revealed its newest light-field camera this April. It’s called Illum and it has been designed to look more like a DSLR. However, one could say that it resembles the Sigma Quattro cameras, as it employs an unusual design.

Lytro Illum can be purchased at Amazon for a price under $1,500 and it comes with a rather interesting specs list. This light-field camera features a 40-megaray image sensor, an 8x optical zoom lens with a 35mm equivalent of 30-250mm and a constant maximum aperture of f/2 throughout the zoom range.

Just like the original Lytro camera, the Illum allows users to capture a photo and set the focus later. This technique is quite useful for quick photos, when there is little time to set the correct focus.

Refocusing has been receiving a lot of attention from the mobile world, as Nokia has released an app for its Windows Phone 8-powered Lumia-series smartphones that does exactly this thing. Google has quickly followed with a similar feature, which is now available on Android devices.

More details should be leaked in the near future, so stay tuned, but take a grain of salt along with you!

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