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More Pentax Q-S1 specs leaked, image sensor format confirmed


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Several new details about the Pentax Q-S1 mirrorless camera have been leaked on the web along with information about the Pentax 28-45mm f/4.5 lens for medium format cameras.

Pentax will be among the huge list of companies that are preparing to launch new products in anticipation of the Photokina 2014 event.

In recent times, people familiar with the matter have managed to get a hold of some pictures and specs of the Q-S1 mirrorless camera and the 28-45mm f/4.5 lens for 645-series of medium format shooters.

As the products have not been launched so far, sources have decided to leak new Pentax Q-S1 and 28-45mm f/4.5 lens specs.

pentax-q-s1-image-sensor More Pentax Q-S1 specs leaked, image sensor format confirmed Rumors

Pentax Q-S1 will come packed with a 1/1.7-inch-type image sensor.

New Pentax Q-S1 specs and photo show up online

We will begin with the mirrorless interchangeable lens camera. It appears that the Pentax Q-S1 specs will definitely include a 1/1.7-inch-type image sensor, as shown in the newly-leaked photo of the device.

Moreover, the camera will be available in four important color choices, such as Charcoal Black, Champagne Gold, Pure White, and Carmine Gunmetal Red.

The company is known for its extended color offer, so users will be able to customize their device. In total, 36 color combinations will be available for the users.

Pentax will sell the Q-S1 as a body-only version, one zoom lens kit, and a double zoom lens kit.

pentax-hd-da645-28-45mm-f4.5-ed-aw-sr More Pentax Q-S1 specs leaked, image sensor format confirmed Rumors

Pentax HD-DA645 28-45mm f/4.5 ED AW SR lens can be pre-ordered right now, despite the fact that it has not been announced, yet.

Unannounced Pentax HD-DA 28-45mm f/4.5 ED AW SR lens now available for pre-order

On the other hand, Ricoh (Pentax’ parent company) will also launch the HD-DA 28-45mm f/4.5 ED AW SR lens aimed at 645-series medium format cameras.

The optic will provide a 35mm equivalent of 22-35.5mm and will offer a constant maximum aperture throughout the zoom range. Its smallest aperture will stand at f/32.

It will come with a built-in autofocus motor and optical image stabilization and the internal design will consist of 17 elements in 12 groups.

The magnification rate will be 0.21x and the minimum focusing will stand at 40-centimeters. The lens will bear HD coating so that optical flaws will be greatly reduced.

Its filter diameter will measure 82mm, the total diameter will stand at 99mm, and the length will be 151.5mm, while the total weight will reach about 1.47 kilograms.

Although it has not been officially announced, the lens is already available for pre-order at B&H PhotoVideo, with the shipping date and availability waiting to be revealed. Stay tuned, more info is coming soon!

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