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New Canon mirrorless camera rumors hint at CP+ 2016 launch


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Canon is working on a mirrorless camera that will take a lot of people by surprise, a trusted source has revealed.

There is a lot of talk surrounding Canon’s next move on the mirrorless camera market. Something is about to happen and a highly-reliable insider is claiming that the company’s next products will surprise the masses.

It appears that multiple cameras are on their way in the near future and that at least one of them will be a high-end device. There is a strong chance that the first shooter will become official at the CP+ Camera & Photo Imaging Show 2016, a major event that begins in February.

New Canon mirrorless camera rumors surface on the web before CP+ Show 2016

As everybody knows, where there’s smoke there’s fire. However, there has been a lot of smoke regarding Canon’s high-end mirrorless camera and no fire as of yet. As a result, a lot of people have begun questioning the veracity of these gossips.

Despite this fact, it seems like the camera will finally be ready for prime time by the end of 2016. A trusted source is claiming that the Japan-based manufacturer will take photographers by surprise with their upcoming MILC.

canon-eos-m10 New Canon mirrorless camera rumors hint at CP+ 2016 launch Rumors

The EOS M10 is Canon’s latest mirrorless camera. A new EOS M MILC will allegedly show up in the near future.

The insider has not provided any details about the device, nor any timeframe for its launch. Nevertheless, it is said that multiple models are scheduled to become official this year and one of them has chances of showing up at CP+ 2016, a different source has claimed, and it could be that high-end model that everybody is keen on seeing in action.

Canon believes that it will help mirrorless cameras “reach the masses”

Beside the new Canon mirrorless camera rumors, the source revealed some internal chatter. The company’s leaders are confident that the EOS line-up is no longer trying to “catch-up in emerging segments”, meaning that it is doing just fine on both mirrorless and cinema markets.

The manufacturer believes that Canon is the brand that will be able to significantly increase the market share of mirrorless camera when compared to DSLRs and compacts. When the company decides to fully endorse MILCs, then more and more people will decide to buy such a product.

Until then, the company’s fans are still waiting for Canon to launch a revolutionary mirrorless camera. As stated above, this might occur at CP+ 2016 or around this event, when the EOS 1D X Mark II is also expected to be announced.

It is likely that both the EOS flagship DSLR and the high-end EOS M mirrorless camera will be unveiled at the same show, so make sure to keep an eye on Camyx for more information!

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