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New Fujifilm X100T specs revealed before Photokina 2014


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Some new Fujifilm X100T specs have been leaked on the web, hinting that this high-end compact camera will offer an improved electronic viewfinder over the X-E2 and X30 cameras.

The rumor mill has accurately predicted that the Fujifilm X30 compact camera will replace the optical viewfinder found in its predecessor with the electronic viewfinder available in the X-E2.

The latest reports are also claiming that the company will drop the hybrid viewfinder found in the X100s in favor of another electronic viewfinder.

As we are approaching the beginning of Photokina 2014, more Fujifilm X100T specs have been leaked. Insiders are reporting that the viewfinder found in this compact camera will not be as big as the one found in the X-T1.

fujifilm-x100s-viewfinder New Fujifilm X100T specs revealed before Photokina 2014 Rumors

Fujifilm X100s features a hybrid viewfinder. It appears that Fuji will not develop this technology any further, as the replacement of the X100s, called X100T, will employ an electronic viewfinder.

Fujifilm X100T specs list will definitely include an electronic viewfinder

Fujifilm is believed to put a viewfinder  in the X100T larger than the one offered by the X100s. Although these viewfinders are based on different technologies, photographers will appreciate the fact that they will have a bigger viewfinder at their disposal.

Sources are reporting that the viewfinder will offer a 0.67x magnification rate and a 27-degree field-of-view, which is only slightly smaller than what the X-T1 is offering, albeit bigger than the one of the X-E2.

In addition, the X100T will come packed with a wider area for the Phase Detection AF system and the autofocus system will be faster when compared to the one of its predecessor.

Fujifilm will put a new 24-megapixel APS-C-sized sensor into the X100T

The remainder of the Fujifilm X10oT specs list says that the compact camera will feature a 24-megapixel APS-C X-Trans CMOS image sensor. Additionally, a brand new lens will be added into the device, although its focal length will stand at the familiar 23mm value.

The maximum aperture is unknown for the time being, therefore you will have to remain a little patient to find that out.

Fuji will also put a tilting display on the back of the X100s replacement. Unfortunately, it is unknown whether it is based on LCD or OLED technology and whether it is a touchscreen or non-touch screen.

The exact announcement date of the Fuji X100T is eluding our sight for now. However, we can expect it to become official sometime within the following days.

Photokina 2014 is very close and the company will probably introduce its new camera before the event. Meanwhile, the X100s remains available at Amazon for a price around $1,300.

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