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How New York City would look inside the Grand Canyon


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Photographer Gus Petro has put together a series of images which show how New York would look inside the Grand Canyon or if it were located in the Death Valley.

The United States is full of amazing tourist attractions. There is a huge diversity and there are cool places for everyone to see from large cities, like New York, to complete wilderness like the Death Valley.

A photographer from Switzerland, called Gus Petro, has decided to visit both of the aforementioned locations, as well as the Grand Canyon, which is not very far away from the hottest area in North America.

Photographer Gus Petro placed New York City inside the Grand Canyon

Upon taking some magnificent shots of all sites, Petro thought of creating something unique, so he began to visualize how the buildings of New York City would look like if they were inside the Grand Canyon or placed alongside the deserted valley.

As one could imagine, the results are astonishing and they are depicting a post-apocalyptic scenario. This is one of the cities that never sleeps, so seeing it in a deserted place is a pretty scary sight.

Emptiness + density = “Merge”

Gus Petro has entitled his project “Merge”. There is a good reason for that, he says. While visiting the US back in late 2012, he found two conflicting scenarios. The emptiness of the Death Valley and the Grand Canyon, in contrast with New York City’s density.

“Merge” is just the outcome of merging emptiness with denseness. Urban density in the “Big Apple” is among the highest in the world and “everyone wants to live there”, Gus added. However, the Grand Canyon and the Death Valley are simply “unlivable”.

Original photos have been revealed, too, and they’re just as amazing as they can be

The photographer also has an official website, where curious viewers can check out selected images from his trip to the United States. The best thing is that the original files are there, too, meaning that you can see some spectacular shots of the Grand Canyon, Death Valley, and NYC.

If you like the photos, then you might as well contact Gus Petro and order some prints. They could be useful to trick your grandchildren in the future, telling them that a great city was once located inside the Grand Canyon.

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