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Nikon 200-500mm lens coming in the near future


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Nikon will allegedly reveal a 200-500mm super-telephoto zoom lens designed for DSLR cameras with full-frame image sensors by the end of 2015.

In early July 2015, Nikon introduced a trio of new lenses, including a couple of super-telephoto prime optics for full-frame DSLRs. However, the super-telephoto area can still be improved for professional photographers using FX-format cameras, so the company is still aiming to add new stuff there.

According to the rumor mill, the optic that is on its way consists of a 200-500mm lens. Although the exact announcement date is unknown for now, the source is stating that the product will become official soon.

sigma-200-500mm-f2.8-ex-dg-apo-if-lens Nikon 200-500mm lens coming in the near future Rumors

Sigma has a 200-500mm f/2.8 EX DG APO IF super-telephoto lens for full-frame DSLRs. Nikon is said to be on the verge of announcing a competitor.

Nikon 200-500mm lens rumored to be announced in 2015

A few new lenses are expected to be unveiled by Nikon by the end of 2015. If you are keeping a list, then you should add a 200-500mm super-telephoto zoom optic to it, as this optic will be announced this year.

A trusted source is reporting that the Nikon 200-500mm lens will become official this year. On the other hand, its maximum aperture and release date details have not been disclosed. This means that the optic might have a constant maximum aperture and that it could be released in 2016.

Until its official announcement, we can remind you of the fact that the Japan-based manufacturer has patented a couple of 200-500mm lenses, one of them offering an f/3.5-5.6 aperture and the other one offering an f/4-5.6 aperture.

A third version exists and it has an aperture of f/4.5-5.6, but this one has been patented alongside Tamron. It remains to be seen which one of them will be released on the market as well as if it will come packed with built-in Vibration Reduction technology.

Nikon also poised to launch a 24-70mm f/2.8 PF VR lens this year

The rumor mill has not forgotten about the recently-rumored 24-70mm f/2.8 PF VR lens. The current generation does not have a Phase Fresnel element, nor a Vibration Reduction system.

If the new model gets it, then it will be smaller, lighter, and will offer improved performance in low-light conditions. This means that it will become a must-have lens for many Nikon DSLR users.

Getting back to its announcement, the gossip talks say that the 24-70mm f/2.8 PF VR lens will also be introduced in the near future. It could be revealed along with the 200-500mm version, although do not bet on it, yet.

As usual, we will report back as soon as new information gets leaked, so stay close to find out how this story will unfold.

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